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Sell Stuff Online In Under A Minute With Selz



The team behind the Australian startup Selz has a belief that everyone who’s ever tried or considered trying to make a buck on the Internet can appreciate: it should be easy to sell stuff online and get paid. Marketplaces and payment services, in their efforts to facilitate sales, have a way of complicating matters, not to mention eating into profits. Selz looks to change the way business is done online for both businesses and people.




Selz is not another marketplace, but an e-commerce framework that lets anyone sell stuff online and get paid. Quickly. There’s no subscription service necessary, no additional website required, nor fancy configurations. Create either a simple “Buy now” button or product widget, and you’re ready to sell. Selz charges a flat-rate 5% + 25 cents per transaction.


Here’s how transactions with Selz work:

  1. You complete a short form, providing a photo, description, and the price of what you’d like to sell
  2. You share the item through social networks, email, your website, or blog
  3. When items sell, you collect your payment through PayPal




Seriously Simple Selling

Use Selz from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Login using Facebook, Twitter, or Google if you prefer. The hope is that making an item available for purchase is always just a few short clicks away. Selz accommodates sales regardless if you’re trying to sell clothing, electronics, e-books, MP3s, or just about anything else (the ability to sell services is in development). What’s more, the “buy now” buttons can be colored to match websites and need minimal code to install.


Being able to sell directly from a website or blog means no more sending traffic away to a third party site, which often translates into lost or distracted customers. Better yet, sellers make more money from sales by not paying the steep fees necessary to join many selling platforms.



As far as social media is concerned, the Selz arrangement turns business on its head. Instead of using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to direct attention elsewhere, each channel becomes its own storefront of sorts. People can shop directly from wherever they encounter an item. Social media integration multiples the locations where you can sell items almost effortlessly at no additional expense.


For merchants selling digital downloads, Selz is incredibly handy because it both takes care of the payment processing and automates the download delivery. PayPal is a familiar service that people trust, but it only handles online payments. Selz also avoids any checkout confusion that results from redirecting traffic or pausing in the middle of transactions while signing into a PayPal account.


Selz provides Google analytics and processes payments in over 190 currencies. Australians can receive deposits directly into their bank accounts while other international sellers receive their payments biweekly. More moola, less hoopla.


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Author : Keith Liles

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