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InAir – The New TV Experience Will Be Defined By What’s Off The Screen

If the interactive viewing experience of watching TV while using InAir reminds you of Tom Cruise’s character in Minority Report performing operatic, 3D detective work, there’s a good reason – Co-founder Dale Herigstad is an Emmy Award-winning designer who helped create the special effects for the movie.



Only now, you get to gesture though 3D materials from the comfort of your couch and witness science fiction fantasy made real.



The Future of TV Now

The InAir device by SeeSpace layers web and social media content in front of your television screen in real time. Sophisticated technology went into making this happen – automated content recognition, a natural language processing engine – but, as a viewer, how the magic is brought to your television is incredibly simple.


InAir gets plugged in between your TV and cable box. InAir then recognizes programs you’re watching, finds relevant content online, and displays it for you so that you never have to take your eyes off the screen.





With InAir, you can look up all the info you care to have – names of actors, who’s performing the music, etc. – all the extra goodies that you’ve been using your smartphone to find. While missing out on the actual program that you’re trying to watch.


Another exciting example of InAir awesomeness offers 3D models to accompany NASA content. Sports fans may stop attending live events entirely, as they can pull up all the stats and diagrams and replays that their cravings can stomach without missing a moment of action.


Wicked Smart. And Simple

For those worried that they’ll be left out by not owning a 3D TV, InAir works on 2D screens as well. Content appears “inside” your TV instead of out in front. While not exactly the same, this is much better than looking down at a tablet, still looks sharp and functions intuitively.


In both 2D and 3D, InAir lets you use your smartphone as a remote control. Easy taps and swipes let the viewer continue to watch the big screen rather than look away. InAir also plays along with Kinect and Leap Motion so that you can gesture through content a la Tom Cruise.


End of The Couch Potato Era

TV watching has been a passive experience until now. InAir combines our love for TV watching with our vigorous Internet activity – forming a new space in front of our screens and opening up an engaging viewing experience. It will be thrilling to see what emerges as this space becomes explored (there’s a software developer kit for new apps!)






InAir is poised to make the leap into production. You may even find units on the shelves and website of Staples soon if they conquer in Fundable’s Crowd2Shelf Contest, in which they’ve advanced to become a finalist.


Ready to try the augmented TV experience firsthand? Join the growing list of crowdfunding backers and be one of the first on the block to own InAir. Don’t be surprised though if neighbors turn up at the window jockeying for a better look.


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