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Over 5 million job openings. In the United States. Visit and see for yourself. Despite all the nervous forecasts and cautious optimism, there are jobs for the taking in our resilient land of opportunity. This new job search engine hopes to help guests zero in on suitable positions with the precision of a heat-seeking missile.



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When I first ventured into the writing profession, I set up an account on all the search platforms that I came across. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time sifting through job listings. The options seldom excite me. So I was cynical a touch cranky when I first had a look at Seek4Career.


I could only view 50 listings max at any time. The filters looked the same as on most typical job search engines – posting date, location, job type, experience, title, company. My expectations were low. And then something amazing happened. I typed in a few keywords in the advanced search option, and Seek4Career showed me listings of jobs that I would actually be interested in pursuing (IF I were in the hunt; no need to worry, my KillerStartups friends).

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Jobs! Jobs!

Yes, that fast! No scrolling through endless pages or weeding out jobs completely unrelated to my field. Instead, I had immediate access to vacant positions that I would be both qualified for and interested in. I was amazed. To satisfy my curiosity and prove that it wasn’t just dumb luck, I ran another search in an area far removed from my expertise but surely of interest to readers – software developer – and came up with similar promising results.


Most impressive. A team of 11 seasoned developers spent 9 months building and tweaking Seek4Career. They tried to fine tune their algorithm so that job seekers are rewarded with a balanced mix of new and relevant job opportunities. I’d say they’re off to a great start. The same team is also responsible for ManualsLib, an online library of product manuals. With no account or payment necessary to access the manuals, the makers behind ManualsLib stormed into the niche space and can now claim 2 million monthly visitors.


Straight Shooting

The keep it simple philosophy translates well onto the jobs search site. You don’t need an account to use Seek4Career (though the site keeps a record of recent searches). You don’t need to set up email notifications that inevitably send an enormous amount of useless leads. SimplyHired apparently still has hopes that I will one day become a pharmacist, though this will never happen – and if anyone was willing to hire me for the job, I would let readers know which pharmacy to avoid immediately.



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You’re not subjected to a bombardment of adds on Seek4Career either. Perhaps most appealing of all, you’re not made to suffer the companies that post the same listing 500 times with slightly different headings and descriptions (CareerBuilder, when will you take care of those messes?).


Seek4Career is a new job search engine and open to suggestions. This is the chance to help build the search engine of your dreams, to address your grievances where other tools have left you disgruntled. Or, better yet, it just might be the site where your career rockets off in the right direction.


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