Looking For The Biggest And Best Icons On The Web? Seanau Will Hook You Up


Whether you’re a website designer or a mobile app programmer, finding the perfect little icons to use – you know, like the envelope to represent email or the floppy disk for saving – is not always easy. And guess what? Icons are pretty important. But have no fear, Seanau is here.


Icon Design Services

I’m currently building an app with my friends, and lucky for us there is a pro designer on the team. But most startup teams need outside design help when mocking-up icons, branding labels, etc. Guess what? Seanau has a professional design team with over five years of design experience, and provide full business branding solutions, including:


  • Icon design
  • Logo design
  • UI design
  • Website design





Seanau Icon Set

Not looking to go the full design Monty? No problem. With over 6,000 professional, high quality icons that you can instantly download and use, the Seanau Icon Set will certainly have what you’re looking for. The icons are carefully designed, and work perfect for:


  • Software apps
  • Websites
  • iOS/Android apps
  • Windows 8 Metro apps
  • GUI design
  • Commercial projects
  • Advertising
  • Graphic Design projects
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Computer games


Phew. Clearly these are all-useful icons we’re talking about. And at $129 for unlimited icon downloads for a year, I think you may have found the perfect solution to your icon-finding problem.


Vector Image Format

So here’s the icon specs for your spec-loving programmers and designers. The icons are 32 bit vector images that can be scaled up or down without losing quality or detail. Vector images are easy to re-edit, there’s no image distortion, and vector graphics look fantastic in print (or so I’m told).





Icon Tool Kit

Seanau even has an Icon Took Kit that’s free, professional, powerful, and allows your to create and edit icons using tools like Photoshop and optimize the icons for systems like Vista, Mac, etc. Download the Seanau Icon Tool Kit here for free.


What People Are Saying

There are a 150,000 happy Seanu clients that include top businesses like Emerson, HP, PC World, BBB, IEEE and SPX. And clients are raving. IEEE says:


“Excellent design, high quality and low price. Thank you for your quick response! “





When it comes to design, it’s all about the details, including the ever-important little icon. Seanau seriously hooks you up. Check out their gigantic catalog of icons here, and I guarantee you’ll find the exact icon you’ve been looking for. Or, utilize Seanau’s design pros to craft the perfect icon for your business. Either way, Seanau is a one-stop-icon-shop.


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