Breaking News: Scoop Web May Be The Best Trending Topic Site On The Web


As a current tech news journalist, I’m always scoping out what topics are trending on the web. Reddit is too much of an eye sore for me. And, Facebook is just too distracting (and often times irrelevant). If only there was a site that gathered all the trending topics on the web in a simple, easy-to-use way. Oh yes. Hello, Scoop Web.





The Easiest Way to Get Your Trending Fix

Scoop Web is a one-of-a-kind trending topic site and offers a huge range of media content from all over the web. In fact, the site gathers the latest news from over 500 reputable sources on the web including our mainstream friends like BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, CNN and even pulls from local sources like LA Times and Detroit News, giving us content from around the world and in our own hood.





The Search is on

Scoop Web is also super easy to navigate. It lets you search news on a particular topic, person, place or brand, in real-time. So, you’re getting breaking news, images, videos, documents, tweets (you name it!) on:


  • Current affairs
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Film
  • TV
  • Sports


Basically, anything you want to know about, and any type of content you need, ScoopWeb has got it covered. And, personally, I have not found another site that is as simple and well-designed as ScoopWeb. You’ve got the search bar at the top, with a list of trending topics under (in case, you just want to see what everyone else is talking about). It’s broken down even further and categorized by “popular from technology,” “popular from entertainment,” and “popular from sports,” complete with nifty little icons.





When you search a topic, say Britney Spears, the result page is laid out in a clean, easy-to-read, all-things-Britney Spears way. There’s a sassy photo with all her vital stats below, and a list of the most recent articles about Britney on the web. There is even tabs on the top that include Britney videos, images and tweets. It’s simple yet comprehensive. I like that.


To Recap ScoopWeb’s Awesomeness:

  • Get the latest info and multimedia content on millions of topics in one single site and from 500 reputable sources
  • Research on a topic is quick and easy
  • You don’t need to visit different online resources from a million different sites
  • Discover new, relevant content about your favorite topics and interests
  • Share the topics you discover via Twitter and Facebook


Right, all you trend trackers or just simple topic searchers, ScoopWeb is probably the best site I’ve found to get breaking news, on just about everything, all in one place. I will definitely be visiting the site on a regular basis. You should too.


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