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Nearly everything is available through subscription membership these days – gourmet teas, clothing, children’s books, magazines, meals ready to cook, meals prepared on the spot, and whatever else you’d like delivered conveniently to your doorstep. But how do these businesses become discovered? On their own, through word of mouth? There hasn’t been a storefront destination for shoppers to browse subscription goods and services. Until now.


Now Open! (pronounced “Subscribe”) is an online marketplace for subscription commerce. This platform hosts all types of merchants that would like to offer their goods and services using the subscription business model.



Given the popularity of subscriptions – curated packages, recurring services, and other boxed treats – there’s good reason for businesses to join’s platform. There’s no charge to join or to list services on the website. Instead of selling to one-time shoppers, the subscription model inherently builds repeat, loyal customers. It’s also much easier to market in a community rather than attempting to grow business on your own.


Business owners might have a great idea but perhaps lack the resources to build their own subscription platform. gives merchants a low-cost, already established location to offer their services and wares.



Kettle corn, lobster, surprises, spa treatments, teddy bears – these are just a few of the monthly gifts available so far on, though there’s no limit to what could be offered on the platform. Companies large and small, entrepreneurs of any stripe are welcome to join. Customers who sign up will receive additional, members-only benefits from participating businesses.


There’s ebay for auctions, Etsy for handmade goods, Amazon for books (and all kinds of items now), and, likewise, hopes to become the go-to destination for subscriptions. As popular as subscriptions are, there’s still tremendous room for growth. Many consumers have no idea what is available online, and unless they’ve heard about a particular company or go looking for a particular gift, may not come across businesses that they would be delighted to know about. So is great discovery platform for subscription businesses.


Taking the Subscription Business Model To Main Street

Founder Abel Travis just launched this August. He’s busy adding participating merchants and looks to have over 1,000 businesses on the platform by year’s end. The startup is a bootstrapped venture that Travis has financed himself so far. His passion is to help others around him experience business success.



Travis begins his days at 5:30 in the morning and works until he breaks to pick the kids up from school at 4:30. After the family goes to bed, his focus returns to from 9 until 12:30. Ouch! That’s sleepless devotion. When he’s not fielding business messages (or being told by his wife to enjoy the ballgame), he likes to listen to Marvin Sapp on his Samsung Galaxy.


Three people Travis recommends following on Twitter (and why):

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk – His amazing ability to capture an audience.
  2. Andrew Warner – His Mixergy interviews are inspiring.
  3. Mark Cuban – Just an amazing entrepreneur who puts so much into building entrepreneurs.


If you need to give someone a gift that keeps on giving or want to put your subscription business on display before a larger audience, be sure to check out You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook to find out the latest from Abel Travis and the team.


Photo Credits | Courtesy of Abel Travis

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