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Thousands Of Deals, Simplified Savings – Relish The Holiday Season Shopping At

If you’ve done any shopping online before, at some point you’ve probably asked yourself, “What’s the deal with deals?” Instead of enjoying savings on desirable goods and services, we often find ourselves dealing with broken coupon codes, expired offers, and an exhausting amount of discount information that doesn’t interest us the slightest bit.



Savor looks to make life easier and more satisfying for online shoppers this holiday season and beyond. The website combines simplified browsing with personalized recommendations to allow shoppers to find great deals without hassles.


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Visitors may find offers by searching according to retailer, category or brand. Click on offers to make purchases, and savor the savings. That’s all there is to it. Savor aims to make the process of taking advantage of good deals as convenient as possible. By signing up for a free account, users may store preferences – for brands and stores and types of offers – which leads to Savor sending targeted savings opportunities. This way, shoppers receive alerts on deals that match individual styles and tastes, without the bother of searching at all or the frustration of finding deals when it’s too late to act.


As somewhat of a browsing throwback, shoppers may also look for deals in catalogs by dragging or “flipping” pages. Greater visual appeal and a more pleasant browsing experience compliment the satisfaction of finding worthwhile offers. Savor’s design also optimizes pages for viewing on mobile devices and tablets for added customer convenience. Browse catalogs by the following categories and more:


  • Kids
  • Electronics
  • Food & Drink
  • Women’s Apparel
  • Men’s Apparel
  • Toys & Games
  • Books
  • Gifts
  • House & Home
  • Health & Beauty




If you’re the kind of shopper that delights in savings but wants nothing to do with the holiday shopping madness, Savor has a Black Friday catalog and featured holiday discounts so you can score deals without being trampled – neither by people lined up outside store doors or by a stampede of unwanted email that so often comes by sharing your information on other sites.


“Savor is a beautiful, easy to use site that lets you explore relevant deals across hundreds of curated pages in a flippable ‘catalog’ format that is perfect whether you are shopping on your mobile phone, tablet or on the web,” says Savor founder Rich DeNardis.


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Shoppers of all variety win with the Savor model. Those that enjoy the hunt for deals have the option of searching through featured discounts and trending offers or via modernized catalogs. Those without time to spare or who know exactly what they’re looking for can take advantage of an easy and versatile search that covers deals, offers, and coupons across several retailers and brands.


Opportunistic shoppers can provide Savor with shopping preferences and thus create a personalized recommendation engine. Though not required, connecting with a Facebook account further helps Savor learn the brands and retailers that you like. Regardless of habits, everyone can appreciate reduced clutter – saving time and money.


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