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Mmmm Touchscreen – Tasty Tech Partnership Homer Simpson Would Approve



I’d like to think of myself as cutting-edge, staying up on the latest technology trends and writing about the startup marvels of innovative entrepreneurs. However, I’m reminded daily that I’m still a very basic creature. You see, my mind lives in my stomach. So it’s a happy day when gadgetry gives me an excuse to write about matters of the gut: thank you, Samsung T9000.



Oh, the gleam. Oh, the hum. Oh, the siren song of the refrigerator doors. The Samsung T9000 is a smart refrigerator if you will. In addition to fulfilling the traditional duty of keeping our foodstuffs edible, this fridge-freezer has a 10’’ glass touchscreen. The screen comes integrated with Android applications (Spoiler alert: you can’t upload your own).


While this tech partnership might sound crazy or over-the-top at first, it’s not so far fetched after a little consideration. The fridge has long served as a place for posting notes or information of all variety. It’s a gathering spot in the home – cafeteria, and temperature-controlled billboard all-in-one. Applications merely digitize and enhance some of its common functions.


Here are some of the things you can do with the Samsung T9000’s touchscreen:

  • Stay current with the local weather and news
  • post family photos in the ready-made frame
  • use Google calendar to synchronize schedules. (Kids can post activities, which update on parents’ calendars – a very useful family feature)
  • Put recipes together based on what’s in the refrigerator (or missing) with the help of Epicurious
  • Collaborate with Evernote


The last two items listed deserve extra mention. For the time-crunched or creativity-zapped cook, Epicurious offers a very handy tool. It spares the hungry of searching for recipes that compliment food on hand. So you have to manually enter ingredients, but Epicurious provides ideas as well as cooking instructions, helping to put dinners together faster. Evernote integration means that grocery lists can be kept current while some one is at the store and some one else is busy snacking. Replace the indecipherable collection of clips, links, notes, and photos on the fridge’s door with Evernote’s Internet-wired versions.


What’s the Big Deal?

No, I’m not writing about this refrigerator just because I’m hungry (and as soon as I finish, I’ll be on my way to scarf an avocado – provolone melt). And I’m not merely trying to keep the door for smart refrigerator jokes open – my two running favorites being 1) fear of a Hal-like (2010: Space Odyssey) refusal to grant owners their lunch, and 2) riffs inspired by the association to the T-800 robot famous in the Terminator movies, such as “Your cloves, your fruits, your vegetables. Give them to me…” No, instead I think attention should be drawn to the Samsung-Evernote partnership.


One way for application startups to stand out from the crowd is too develop strategic partnerships with other companies and consumer products. Taking the cue from Evernote, the creative possibilities are endless. What other household appliances are due for a smart makeover? What apps would you like to see hitch to your appliances. Share your fantasies – or favorite recipes – in the Comments section below.


Food for Thought

For those still in the kitchen, the T9000 offers 32 cubic feet of storage. The 4 door (this is ‘Merica, baby, and we identify with our food and our vehicles) also boasts a triple cooling system, LED lights, and flexible compartments that work as either a freezer or fridge. Slated to hit the market in June, check for more details here.

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