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Stay Ahead Of The Competition With Actionable Business Intelligence From Rivalfox

The competitive advantage: there is no way to keep it without paying attention to your competition. Sure you have to do your part and deliver in the marketplace, but there’s always room to operate smarter and to learn from others. If only you had the time and resources to devote to gathering intelligence…





Rivalfox is an SaaS solution that automates competition tracking. The service constantly monitors companies of your choosing, turning data into on-demand reports and analysis. Why spend a great deal of time and money conducting market research, when there’s a tool that provides data instantly, in easy-to-grasp view – freeing personnel to implement business improvements?


How it Works

After signing up for an account, simply enter the domain name of a competitor to begin tracking activities and aggregate key performance indicators. Rivalfox keeps constant watch for website changes or terms of service changes, which both create opportunities to win converts or new customers by offering alternatives. Rivalfox also follows press releases and breaking news.




Stay abreast of social media action to learn what marketing strategies are working faster and then apply such information to develop your own successful campaigns. What’s more, use Rivalfox to track website traffic and key SEO statistics, then use newfound market insights to make strategic changes.


Rivalfox collects data into one, simple news feed. Users control the frequency of alerts, so that reports compliment rather than disrupt work. Automatic reports eliminate the need to spend time analyzing data, and a visual scorecard presents data so that it’s no trouble to make sense of the most pertinent information quickly.




Why You Need It

Even the most innovative startups face competition. The combination of tight markets, an increasingly global economy, and more sophisticated consumers makes it essential to maintain up-to-date information. Given the sheer volume of data and the number of competitors, it’s impossible to collect business intelligence by manpower alone. A software solution is essential. By using Rivalfox to collect data from competitors, businesses may accomplish the following and more:


  • create more relevant content
  • impress and earn the confidence of potential investors by demonstrating market knowledge
  • stay informed about industry trends and establish benchmarks
  • make better, more strategic decisions on how to spend marketing funds
  • deepen understanding of consumer behavior and adapt to satisfy expectations
  • enter both new and international markets with better intelligence


Crazy Like a Fox

Rivalfox is a Berlin-based startup co-founded by Oleksandr Ivanov and Anas Salem (both previously co-founders of BookItNow) and by Paul S. Chun (former engineer for the Y Combinator startup HeyZap). Rivalfox has been in open beta since November. Find more information on Rivalfox – and job opportunities – on AngelList.




Sign up now to take advantage of a free 30-day trial period. Afterward, a package to monitor up to 5 competitors costs just $59 per month. Contact Rivalfox to inquire about custom packages to fit your company’s needs.


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