ResumUp Helps Job Seekers Go Visual And Get Visible

Do you know who Eugene Barulin is? I just learned myself. He’s the founder and CEO of ResumUP. He hails from the Russian Federation, and he’s a graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics. For starting his company, he’s made my list of heroes.



Before you diminish this accomplishment, take into account that he shares the page with Louis Armstrong, Roger Federer, Mark Twain and Matt Frank (a friend who ate 47 scrambled eggs in a contest. Hey, Cool Hand Luke was just a  movie, man. This was for real).


ResumUp is a gorgeous startup that creates a visual representation of your social profile and curriculum vitae. Using infographics, this site combines Facebook and LinkedIn profiles along with an analysis of your social-professional profile. I know, it’s a mouthful, which disguises just how great this service really is.



A Long Overdue Upgrade

ResumUP gives the resume a monumental makeover. It provides a clear, visual representation of a person’s background by combining work history, education, and important life details onto a single timeline. I will spare you any attempt to describe the elegance of this timeline. You might be asking, “Is it really any different than Visualize.Me?” Take a look for yourself.



Meaningful Career Planning

With ResumUP, you input complex personal data in order to create useful, visual shorthands. The images make the concept of career development a tangible enterprise. You become your own graphic guidance counselor–the one who knows you best, the one that you might actually listen to.


Get Ready for a Promotion

Still in the early stages, ResumUP is developing the capability to match job seekers with job vacancies. One visual resume that works for any job offering.


Think of the time saved!


No more random searching, search narrowing, sifting through Monster, CareerBuilder, and all those other sites. A visual recruiting center. I’m not sure the world is ready for this leap. But sign me up, please.



Consider how much fun it is to look for a job

The dull task of creating that boring black and white resume, all those redundant applications (anyone else thirsty for a martini already?), all that time scanning classifieds online or on paper, writing all those tedious correspondences, then going for multiple interviews to share the same repeated information…


I’ve stayed on at previous jobs much longer than I should have strictly because I dreaded beginning the job search anew. A job search is a whole lot of work just to find work. Without pay!



ResumUP streamlines career planning and job searching into a straightforward and visually appealing process. You can use ResumUP to do all the following:



If you don’t want to take it from me, you can also listen to Barulin talk about ResumUP on YouTube himself.


Just make sure your heroes have space for one more.


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