Restaurant Marketing + Bus Drivers =
Perks That Are Seriously Delicious


I hate when I walk by a lovely empty restaurant around lunch or dinnertime. There is something about a pretty hostess and well-dressed servers desperately looking out the window at passing people that makes me very sad. It doesn’t matter if the food is great and service is top-notch. Like most people, I want to dine where there’s at least a little buzz.





But, what if you’re a restaurant owner or marketer that has tried just about everything to get the word out and the customers in? Well, you probably haven’t tried


A Bus Driver’s Cuisine Dream

Bus Driver Perks is exactly what the name suggests. Restaurants give bus drivers incentives to stop at their restaurants in exchange for filling their tables with bus passengers. Great for restaurant marketing and it makes total sense. If you’re on a long bus journey, the bus driver has the power to choose where you stop to eat. Passengers don’t really have a choice. But, if these restaurants were half-way decent (like the ones BusDriverPerks are hoping to attract), than you’ll have very happy and well-fed passengers. Beats McDonalds any day.


So, What Are The Incentives?

Restaurants give bus drivers discounts like free pizzas for every 25 passengers they bring in, or a prime rib dinner, etc. Now, I’m no bus driver, but I’m pretty sure that would be reason enough to bring my passengers to a restaurant. Who doesn’t like a free meal?





How the Site Works

Once you’ve created your members account, you can browse what perks are offered either by category (which includes cuisine, highway, price, venue, etc.), or location. Membership comes in different levels ranging from Level 1 with limited advertising on the site, to Level 5 Membership with your ads featured on the site.


If you’re a restaurant marketer who really just wants to test out the site, Level 1 membership is currently being offered for FREE (a $47 value!) if you signup for their newsletter. So, you’ve got nothing to lose and (hopefully) customers to gain.


A Restaurant Marketer’s Dream

Created by Matt Hanus, a marketing and computer enthusiast, the site hopes to give restaurant marketers a unique advantage and avenue to bring in customers to their restaurants. Matt believes that the power of online advertising for the restaurant industry is undeniable and utilizing the power of frequent buses filled with passengers through busdriverperks is the smarter, more effective way of advertising. Check out Matt’s explainer video here.





I don’t disagree. The idea is pretty smart. If you’re a restaurant owner or marketer looking to vamp up your marketing efforts, check out advertising on Bus Driver Perks. And all you bus drivers out there, you’ll definitely want to check out the site. These perks are seriously delicious.

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