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Responsa FAQ Widget – Build Your Brand And Help Your Community Of Users



Online community interaction really makes all the difference now that social media logins can be so easily integrated into just about any site. Why create another username and password for your favorite site when many times you can just login with Facebook or Twitter? Taking advantage of this integration while also allowing you to create a community around your own startup is Responsa.


Responsa is a question and answer widget that can be easily embedded into any site. It works in tandem with FAQs by allowing users to interact with a brand when they’ve got a question about a product or feature. It also allows the moderators to post answers.


More than just a random question and answer forum, there are a number of useful features included in Responsa that make it quick and easy to get started.





Responsa Features

For the moderators, it’s simple to create a predefined list of topics or areas so your customers don’t go swimming in the wrong waters before they begin posting.


Useful on the customer side is that Responsa users across multiple sites also have the option to create one profile that allows them to see their activity across the various sites all in one place. This feature allows users to easily keep tabs on all of their Responsa activity.


Another really useful feature is that instead of having to bookmark and recheck their questions to see whether or not they’ve been answered yet, Responsa allows users to receive email alerts when comments or responses have been posted on their topic.





Of course, Responsa wouldn’t be complete without the ability to search, which is why each site that integrates Responsa can easily be searched to see whether or not the topic has been discussed before.


One of the nicest features of Responsa is that users can vote on a particular question, or even an answer. This allows other users to easily scan and see the most important information on a topic, while also drawing attention to your brand.


Think about it… if you’re the moderator, then the tone of your writing and the quality of your answers can make your posts resonate with other users online. This adds another level of customer service beyond simple email responses. Popular responses may be voted on, which helps your users find the best answers, and also helps you spot your best moderators.


Don’t have time to answer every single question? No problem. Responsa allows the moderator to assign users the tasks of certain moderator actions. Startups can give themselves more time to work on other projects while also rewarding loyal users. Nice!


Don’t like the foul language being used in your FAQ or Q&A? Not an issue. Responsa allows the moderator to ban certain words.


A specific user causing drama? Not a problem either. With Responsa, moderators can also block certain users as well as particular questions as needed.





Responsa Pricing

There are four tiers of pricing, which depend on the level of community activity. Community activity is based on answers per month. A free option is even available with the limit being 100 answers per month. The most expensive option, at about $257 per month for 500 answers, allows up to five moderators.


If you’re interested in being able to quickly interact with your customers and building community around your brand, Responsa is feature-packed and easy to implement. Find out more at


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