RebelMouse: The Coolest Startup Around?

Instead of logging in to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, and Soundcloud accounts every day, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could go to one destination, sign in, and have each site viewable, accessible, and editable? On the surface, checking in and updating should be that simple, right?


Everyone, welcome to the arena : RebelMouse.



How Does RebelMouse Work?

Let’s say you open an RebelMouse account and you want to get started. First you’ll probably want to add each of your social media accounts. Done. This allows you to view the latest updates, news, photos and additional content that’s fed from each site through your RebelMouse account and all on the page in front of you.


Want to Tweet that the video that’s kicking off your day before work? You can do that, upload photos, or do any of the other actual functions through RebelMouse that you can do at each of your individual social media accounts. This functionality is available through the RebelMouse dashboard and is neatly organized for you.




What’s compelling about RebelMouse is that it’s possible to add URLs to your dashboard. That means that you will be able to view all of your social media content as well as “stick” (bookmark) links from your favorite news site or any other site directly to your RebelMouse Page.  Of course, you’ll even be able to author your posts directly from your page. An additional feature is built-in analytics that will show you exactly how people are consuming the content you decide to post.


You’ll be able to share your RebelMouse page if you’d like so that anyone or someone specific can view what you are viewing. Others can get a taste of what you’re interested in. In other words it’s a page that would contain all the links and content that you find compelling in one organized destination.



Not only is RebelMouse a good idea for an individual but you may want to consider a page for your business, personal project, or other interest you may have. If you’re a successful entrepreneur, you may want to consider starting a page that highlights sources and other sites that may prove helpful for others interested in your field. It would be a productive way to share the knowledge, articles, speeches, or sites that helped you get to where you are now.


RebelMouse has a waiting list that you can sign up on for an expecting summer release. Both a free version available to any user as well as a premium version with a custom URL at $3.00 per week will be available at launch.


Until then, check out the KillerStartups page on RebelMouse below.



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