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Rawporter Founders Hustle To Disrupt The Stubborn World Of Journalism

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Most of us have all set out to change the world, but it is not often we step into as stubborn of an industry and try to disrupt it. Well that is exactly what founders Kevin Davis, Rob Gaige, & Michael Robinson have set out to do with Rawporter. Rawporter is a new iOS and Android app that turns everyday smartphones into cash cows. Media outlets are looking for first-hand footage of everything from the morning commute to product reviews.



By using the Rawporter app, they will send you assignments so you know exactly what they’re looking for and how much they’ll pay. Recently photos have been sold to the media for over $10,000! In addition, when you use Rawporter, your videos and photos are protected so that you get full recognition, while still being able share the footage with your friends, family and followers on Facebook and Twitter.


Okay, here are some nuggets to watch for:

  • How to make the most of a inspired idea!
  • How Rawporter pitched at the 2012 DEMO conference skipped paying over $18,000!
  • How to nail your first major pitch…and more!



The Rawporter app has been featured on Mashable, Columbia Journalism Review, VentureBeat, PBS News Hour, and C-SPAN


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Author : Eric Strait

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