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Let No Offer Go Unheard. Deliver And Track Sales Quotes And Business Proposals With Quotty



Thanks to online tools, going into business is easier than it has ever been. Nearly anyone can construct a quality website these days. So distinguishing yourself from numerous competitors remains a growing challenge. One way to stand apart that will always separate the gold from the gaudy is to exhibit professionalism, and a great way to demonstrate this is by offering clients the highest-quality quotations and proposals.


Quotty is a web-based platform for handling professional services, a tool for creating smart sales quotes and business proposals, and effectively managing clients activity. Regardless of the type of business you run – IT consultancy, freelance photography, providing legal or financial services, etc. – Quotty enables you to make offers adaptable to clients’ expectations and to easily command your portfolio.





Despite the number of strategic marketing applications available on the web, founder Franco Graziosi was frustrated by an inability to submit proposals that incorporated feedback from buyers. Quotty was built to facilitate easy interaction and allow for the quick adjustments and variables within a single proposal that inevitably are needed.





In addition to giving your brand professional polish, Quotty helps businesses do the following more successfully:

  1. quickly and easily create compelling business proposals
  2. effectively manage proposals in an online portfolio
  3. discover what clients are paying attention to
  4. simplify and improve communication with clients


By automating the process of preparing and tracking proposals, quotes, and other offers, business owners have more time and greater flexibility to reach larger markets. What’s more, integrated analytics give small to medium-sized business owners the power to better respond to less obvious client needs.


Quotty comes with a wealth of desirable features that includes:

  • drag & drop interface
  • rich content including multimedia & animation
  • PDF generation
  • reusable templates
  • multiple currencies (even within one proposal)
  • online submission to multiple buyers
  • margin & contribution analysis
  • complex discounts policies
  • scripted computations
  • full buyer tracking (view pages, clicked links…)
  • online buyer interaction (questions & answers)
  • complete life-cycle coverage (follow up…)
  • accept (reject) with a click
  • sales team support
  • post-mortem analysis (if we lost, why?)
  • analytic dashboard & portfolio evolution
  • import & export of all data
  • integrated priority support





Quotty is the latest product of Component Based Solutions, a company that specializes in developing enterprise solutions. Quotty provides technology (that CB Solutions has been refining for over thirty years) to businesses of any size by way of low-cost SaaS subscription. For more on pricing, visit here. And for a closer look at Quotty in action, watch this demo.


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