PutFile Free File Hosting: No Ads. No Countdowns. No Limits. No Bullshit.

Tired of troubles caused by dealing with files? You’re not alone. It sounds simple enough – upload, store, share – yet file hosting continues to frustrate us with slow loading times, hidden expenses, and difficulties sharing files.


PutFile.io looks to put an end to file hosting problems. A cloud site for managing files, PutFile plans to compete with the juggernauts in this space like Dropbox by making basic functions fast and easy to use, all at a price that everyone appreciates. Free!


Upload, Share, and Manage Your Files for Free

With PutFile (not to be confused with PutFile.com, which became defunct in 2009), users can upload an unlimited number of files less than 5GB. This can be done through simple drag-and-drop loading in either Chrome or Firefox browsers. As long as files are kept active at least once every 60 days, PutFile hosts them forever.




It’s amazing how much time we spend asking one another “Did you receive my file?” and “Were you able to open the file?” We shouldn’t need to have these worries any longer given tools at our disposal. We should be able to send what we want, when we need to, with confidence that it will arrive – so we can go about more pressing business.


PutFile free file hosting makes file sharing uncomplicated. Pre-generated HTML code makes it easy to link from websites. Files can also be posted directly to other sites such as Facebook or Twitter.


Quick links sent via email eliminate the hassles of trying to work with attachments too large for webmail servers to handle. Links also make it possible to track loading activity, leaving no question as to whether or not someone has opened a file. For security, files can be protected by passwords, which ensures both download managers and recipients have permission to access files.


What You Won’t Find

No one wants to spend time navigating the pages and rules of a file-hosting service. PutFile mercifully spares users the clutter of ads and annoying restrictions (such as limits on the number of files that can be stored or the size of files). What’s more, you will no longer find yourself staring at endless countdowns.




Unlike other services, PutFile does not limit the transfer speed of downloads. So there’s no underhanded attempts to force users into choosing a premium service.


Our online lives demand more and more space for storing our music, videos, documents and other types of files. PutFile offers a straightforward service for managing and sharing files as users see fit. Bootstrapping entrepreneurs should especially delight in the freedom to grow without paying for file-hosting services.


Visit PutFile.io to learn more about how the company is disrupting traditional file hosting and to register an account.


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