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Keeping Online Advertising Simple With PubPoolr

PubPoolr icon 500x500Despite what the tantalizing advertisements about WORKING FROM HOME and MAKING MONEY ONLINE scream at you, you’re about as likely to get rich from a website as you are from a Nigerian prince. Startups struggle every day with the question of how to monetize and smaller companies or blogs often go under before ever finding the answer.



For those bloggers (and perhaps some of those startups), PubPoolr may be the answer.


While bigger blogs and publishers have access to multiple options for monetization, the smaller, mission-driven blogger is often left out in the cold. PubPoolr fills that market void by providing publishers with targeted ads that actually add value to the site, as opposed to the flashing banners you see everywhere.


This is what PubPoolr is NOT about: 8 SIMPLE TRICKS TO LOSE BELLY FAT

The team behind PubPoolr started working together on a niche music blog after getting some experience in the college music scene.


“About six months in, quite a few cases of 5 hour energy shots, a few hundred up-and-coming music artists, and roughly two dozen blogger allies — we had ourselves a decently successful site,” team member Chris S. told KillerStartups.


It was at that point they realized that there wasn’t really a good solution for a smaller sized publisher looking to make money off of ads without cluttering up their site. The team re-focused their efforts into building an online advertising solution that would work for their own site and quickly realized that others could utilize it as well.



After a graceful little startup pivot, PubPoolr was born.

These days, they’re totally focused on helping content creators spend less time stressing about how they can make money and more time doing what they do best – creating content. They offer an 80/20 revenue share to their partners while managing all of the advertising elements that most website owners have to (and hate to) take care of.


They’re also currently running a fun little contest they’re calling Application Appreciation.

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Instead of just signing up for their product, each applicant is entered into a sort of raffle pool. At the end of each quarter, PubPoolr will pick 25 names and those applicants will receive a 100% payout for their ads (as opposed to the standard 80/20 split) during the next quarter.


As an added bonus on top of that bonus, each winner can share their winnings with up to five friends by referring them to PubPoolr.


So if you have a blog or website that you’re trying to monetize but haven’t found a good solution yet, why not give PubPoolr a shot?


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Author : Emma McGowan

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