Publicate Yourself And Leave Standard Media Behind!

It may finally be time to put away the old black and white curriculum vitae and step out of the Stone Age with the new and groundbreaking Publicate. Chris Bradley, developer of Publicate has given the creative collaborators a fresh start and a design to accurately display the media works like never before.

It opens up the option to show any form of media type in a sleek and effective way for others to better gauge one’s work all at once, rather than attaching your homemade videos to e-mails, or sending a link to your modest facebook album page.

Now its time to show ‘em what you are made of, and on your terms.

With this new tool media junkies no longer have to post their videos on youtube, tag it on facebook, and tweet a link to get everything out in the media stream. Bradley has created a central hub for all types of media including text, video, images, documents, and even audio. But that’s just where all the fun actually begins.

The clever collection feature gives the user the option to put together an entire piece or “collection” to really depict the idea of the media as a whole. One can tell stories with their pictures, or combine a narrative audio with a recent film to really make everything come together. Once the little gem of inspiration is molded into its unique form, Publicate takes it to the next level.

Instead of piecing together your works to trying to show your vision one small step at a time through posts on facebook, Publicate lets you share your whole collection, which can continually be modified and altered to better tell your tale. This whole collection will stay together, and you can break apart each dimension of your creative scheme to different collections for work, social activity, and even personal groupings.

Another homerun offered by Publicate is the ability for feedback. One can really gain insight into the work produced, whether it be your new logo designs for your startup, or how crazy the 300 ft bungee jump was with your buddies last weekend actually was. The program gives you the stats of your work, with how many people have viewed it and what they think of your work. This opens up a network that can really boost your ideas from a simple concept, into giving you the confidence that people believe in your work and it is ready for the next step.

Without missing a beat, Publicate also offers the abilities to post the fine tuned media frenzies that you pour into it on all the major social networks such as facebook and twitter, but with the assurance that your work is going to be seen the way you want it to be seen. Publicate makes Pinterest look like a Neanderthal, and YouTube a silent film. Let your media prowess reach its full potential, and explode onto the media world. All of this opulence met with the simplicity that has not been matched.

Publicate is the new wave of social media, so don’t miss the ride.

Photo and Video Credits

Chris Bradley / LinkedIn