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Advertise Your Company Anywhere With Propagad

Have you ever seen an ad on, say, the side of a bus and thought, “I wonder how I could get my business up there…” Advertisements are all around us but how many small business owners and startup founders really know how to take advantage of the many, many ways to get out the word about their companies?



Building a business is hard enough but realizing that no one knows about it because you don’t know how to advertise is more than enough to make anyone throw in the towel. There’s a reason public relations and ad sales are full time jobs – they require time and effort to learn how to do properly. Most small business owners and startup founders already have the equivalent of three or four full time jobs and adding ad salesperson to the resume isn’t something they have time for.


Luckily for those folks, there are companies like Propagad, which promises to connect small business owners and startup founders with publishers who are offering ad space, at no charge.


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For business owners:

Propagad claims to connect business owners with “practically every ad space in the world.” That includes broadcasting, outdoor and public spaces, print media, digital media and platforms, and sponsorships. They want to help make sure that wherever you want your ad to be, it will be seen.




For publishers and media owners:

On the flip side, publishers and media owners are also spending a lot of time searching for companies that want to advertise with them. Propagad offers to connect them with those companies, free of charge. All it takes is a registration.


Advertising is an essential part of running a small business or startup. The team at Propagad understands that you don’t have the time (or, for that matter, the money) to figure out the ins and outs of advertising on your own. That’s why they’re offering “VIP access” to people who sign up on their website now. Don’t worry: they promise not to spam you.


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Author : Roger Hollings

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