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There’s One Simple Question You Should Be Asking All Of Your Customers

One of the biggest challenges companies – startups or otherwise – is customer growth. Once you determine who your most loyal customers are you can start figuring out how to work them into your marketing plan. And of course, if you can determine which customers are not having a great experience with your product or service, you can improve what you’re doing and maybe even prevent them from jumping ship before it’s too late.



But how do you figure out what your customers are thinking? What’s the best method for getting the most accurate assessment?

One trusted way to gather that information is through the Net Promoter Score® (otherwise known as NPS). NPS is a customer engagement process that uses a survey to ask one primary question: How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague? Your total score is determined by your percentage of detractors (people who really don’t like your company) subtracted from your percentage of promoters (people who love your company, not just those who are “satisfied”).


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While Fortune 500 companies have used NPS for years, serial entrepreneur Chad Keck hit a wall when he tried to implement the Net Promoter System at his previous startup. There simply wasn’t an affordable, effective, or easy to use way to gather and analyze NPS data.


Chad stitched together a few different services in order to get the information he needed, but the process was tedious and time intensive. However, even with this amateur program, he was getting a lot of positive feedback from customers who wanted to know what system he was using so that they could start gathering NPS data too.


Based on this early validation, he made the big decision to leave the company and create, a comprehensive NPS service that’s easy to use, intuitive, and affordable for even bootstrapping startups. is a platform that walks you through the entire NPS process, from start to finish. Their customizable template allows you to poll your entire customer base to find out just where they sit on the 0-10 scale from Detractor to Promoter. The platform will then determined your score and provide you with a set of metrics to help you get a deeper understanding of the data.


Curious to know how many people are responding? Promoter puts that right up top, with a pie graph explaining response rate. Want a quick look at what people are saying? Glance over the Recent Scores section. More interested in general trends? Promoter provides that information too.


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Perhaps most helpful of all is the Responses section, where you can follow up with your customers directly in-app. A color-coded system shows you where on the Detractor/Passive/Promoter scale they call, helping you know who you should contact first. You can thank and engage the promoters, convince the passives to come over to the light, and proactively solve the problems your detractors have so they don’t jump ship.


Each customer also has a bar that shows you their historical scores so that you have a good overall understanding of where your company has stood with them in their time as a customer.


Promoter offers insight into your customer base at a level that’s hard to achieve with any other system. They’ve nailed the entire NPS process so well, in fact, that Fred Reichheld (the creator of NPS) has come on board as an investor and strategic advisor. That’s a pretty big vote of confidence, wouldn’t you say? is launching out of beta this week. If you’re ready to get deep insights into the status of your customer sentiment, go sign up and start utilizing Promoter’s NPS platform today.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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