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ProfectMarket: A New Way For Professionals To Connect

Recommendations. When two job candidates look essentially the same on paper, recommendations will set them apart. If an employer has a great recommendation to begin with, it’s a safe bet that she will look to end her search for a hire there and save herself both time and effort. Arguably the best tool for distinguishing job seekers prior to an interview and the best way for professionals to establish their reputations, it’s surprising that recommendations have not been put to greater use online.



What Peers And Experts Have To Say

Job search engines, professional social networks, automated HR solutions… The Internet tries hard to help professionals find work, but where’s the love for recommendations?




ProfectMarket, a startup in beta, is an online marketplace where professionals can connect with companies and individuals in need of professional services, and where project creators can recruit workers. At its heart is a patent-pending ratings system that allows third parties to recommend professionals. Rather than give a mere endorsement, recommendations are made by way of rating expected performance on a project – using both a 100-point grade scale and an hourly value ratings system.


Ratings are project specific, so they require some thought to complete. The payoff for greater attention is that the recommendations become more informative, hence more valuable. ProfectMarket holds on to ratings, so the more active a member is in giving recommendations the more trusted and valuable future recommendations from the individual will become. Members can keep both single project and overall average scores on their profile. What’s more, ProfectMarket makes it possible to compare recommendations with post-project ratings.


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According to the website, “the ratings system will get more ‘intelligent’ and predictive with additional ratings data (with expected adjustments to the average ratings taking into account factors such as, for example, past performance, past predictiveness and accuracy of the recommender giving a particular recommendation, and past variance between recommendations and post-project ratings).” All of which is to say that recommendations on ProfectMarket create a more accurate measure of a candidate’s suitability for a position, and so make it a great resource for professionals looking to connect.


The Perfect Market for Professionals

All the services on ProfectMarket are free to members. In addition to recommendations, professionals can search for both new work and clients. Completing and updating a profile increases the likelihood of finding more projects. Members may also post projects and seek out qualified help.


ProfectMarket connects professionals working in the fields of law, accounting, finance, economics, real estate, medicine, IT, engineering, business, consulting, marketing and more.




Neil Sandhu is the founder of ProfectMarket. Previously, he launched HireTrade, an online marketplace for legal services. Since then he’s taught himself how to code, and  ProfectMarket (so far) is the product of a solo, bootstrapping entrepreneur.


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