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Fed Up With Your Power Co.? Powershop Has A New And Improved Business Model

There are so many spectacular, breathtaking sights in the world – a breaching humpback whale, the Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, the Eiffel Tower, a mid-winter electricity bill… The last item clearly shouldn’t be on the list, yet somehow it always takes us by surprise. We expect an increase at the heights of summer and winter, but still we find ourselves gasping, “THAT HIGH!?”



Prepare for a different kind of shock to the system. Powershop is an online power company that wants to take the pain out of monthly payments. No, they can’t give power away, but they are introducing a number of innovative and proactive measures to lessen the sting.




Since radical change is another unwelcome surprise, it’s worth mentioning that Powershop still operates on a monthly billing cycle. However, it supplies customers with more information, so that they know exactly how much electricity they are using and how much it is costing. Account holders receive weekly comparisons of usage, which prevents those surprise, enormous bills. Depending on how obsessive an individual is, and what kind of meter is installed, it’s possible to have more frequent measurements taken, but I suspect weekly notices are enough for most households.


Up-to-date information is available online at any time on your computer, mobile device, or tablet. A Powershop mobile application is also available on iTunes or Google Play to keep closer tabs on power usage. What’s more, the Powershop Toolkit helps users gain greater insights into how power is being used at different times in order to better understand personal energy habits then make adjustments to bring down expenses.




Powershop really distinguishes itself by how it allows customers to purchase power. The company sells Powerpacks, which are blocks of electricity, varying in size and cost, that can be applied toward current or future usage. Powerpacks range from a Simple Saver (a one-time discount) to Future Packs (advance electricity for upcoming months, which helps spread costs more evenly throughout the year) to Green Packs (that deliver additional environmental benefits) and more.


The Powershop model gives each customer greater flexibility and control when it comes to making payments. Customers can pay for electricity before or after power use as well as set up automatic payments or pay manually each month. Powerpacks and alerts to special offers give everyone more freedom to match utility bills to unique budgets and calendars. Of course, we all appreciate savings opportunities.




Since launching in 2009, Powershop has grown to now meet the energy needs of over 50,000 global customers. Powershop is based in Australia and New Zealand, and owned by Meridian Energy – a multibillion dollar company, 100% committed to renewable energy, that produces electricity from hydroelectric power stations and wind farms. Explore both residential and business power options by visiting Connect with Powershop on Facebook, Twitter, and on the Powershop blog for more information and updates.


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Author : Keith Liles

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