Things You Want: Plant Pods [Pick Of The Crowd]

You know that feeling when you see an object and your brain just goes waaaaaant? I know you do. It’s one of those intrinsic things that we learn from a very young age; the desiring of beautiful and sometimes impractical things.


I’m currently desiring something that’s totally gorgeous and while not impractical, definitely not necessary for, you know, life to function. They’re called Plant Pods and they’re this week’s Pick of the Crowd.



Why I love them:

First of all, I’m a sucker for midcentury design. The sleek, smooth, organic look of the Plant Pods fits into basically any environment. Hang one (or three) on your living room wall, brighten up your bedroom, or place one in the middle of the table at your coworking space.


Moving beyond how adorable the actual pods are, let’s talk about the plants. For those of us who spend the majority of our time staring at lit up screens of various sizes, “nature” is more often viewed in cute pics on Imgur or our friend’s latest Facebook post about their super sweet vacation than by actually, you know, being in or around nature.


That’s not good, fellow homo sapiens! Human beings are supposed to spend time around plants and animals and water that doesn’t come out of either a plastic bottle or a metal pipe. While a houseplant obviously can’t make up for actually going outside and doing something, studies have shown that having plants around improves everything from air quality to general quality of life for everyone.


plant pods


Bonus points: Even those of you with “black thumbs” can rest assured. All of the Plant Pod plants are cacti, which means the care you have to put into keeping these babies alive is minimal. Give ‘em a little water now and then, whisper some sweet nothings in their plant ears, and they’ll be perfectly content.


The man behind the idea….

Is Cleveland, Ohio, based designer Dominic Fiorello. A quick glance at his site shows a master craftsman with both technical skills and a clear understanding of design history. His body of work follows the same aesthetics as the plant pods, contemporary with a healthy nod to history.


He’s also adorably awkward on camera and, if I do say so, pretty cute in general.




The ask:

Dominic has been making Plant Pods for two years and has gotten an overwhelming good response to the little beauties. However, he’s never been able to sell them direct to consumers due to the high cost of production of each one.


With this Kickstarter campaign, Dominic is looking to raise $20,000 to help him complete a deal with a high-quality manufacturer that would allow him to cut the price of his Plant Pods in half. The rewards for donating are Plant Pods, so your money goes directly toward owning one of these understated statement piees for your home, office, or even (yes) coworking space.


Interested? Want to own a Plant Pod yourself? (Answer: Yes, duh, obviously.) Head on over to Dominic’s Kickstarter and get them made!


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