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Place Your Sports Bets As If You Were In Vegas At

The odds on the Seattle Seahawks defeating the Denver Broncos in the Superbowl by 35 points were 100 to 1. That means that a few ultra-confident fans were celebrating a whole lot more than their team’s first championship, and legions more were probably wishing that they had been in Vegas to put some money where there mouth was.







Good news even for the brokenhearted Broncos fans: there’s now a way to make things a little more interesting watching the next big game without traveling or potentially breaking the bank. pickmo is an online sports betting game. Players can place bets on professional sports – NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, or NHL events – compare their betting prowess on a leaderboard, and win cash. Best of all, it’s free and legal!


Nothing quite like having a little extra riding on the game

Players begin with $1,000 in fake cash (chips), which they use to wager on games. Players also have the option of turning Vegas odds on or off – with the intention of making it simple and easy for the uninitiated to join the action, or making it just like being at the casino for the pros.



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A daily leaderboard tracks competition with other “gamblers.” Pick the winners with enough success and win trophies as well as recognition points for being a world class sports picker.


And the money? For every 1,000 chips you earn, you’re paid $1. Build your stash to 50,000 chips and you’ll receive $50. As the pickmo website states, “Since you’re not wagering any of your own money, it’s perfectly legal.”


A True Friendly Wager

Did you really want to take your friend’s money? pickmo scratches the itch to compete and to place bets without the risks of damaging friendships or dealing with bookies. Win, and you have the satisfaction of choosing right and gaining modest rewards. Lose, and nobody gets hurt. The game provides the thrill that comes with having a personal stake in the outcome of an athletic contest minus the heart troubles of putting personal finances on the line. Hey, where else can you get the Vegas rush of betting on sports without losing sleep, your hair, your bank and more?



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Sign in using Facebook or play as a guest. pickmo is founded by Chris Cairns who is currently looking for a technical co-founder to help grow the app. Those with Ruby on Rails experience and a passion for sports – naturally, the odds are in your favor.


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