Photographers Should Check Out Photographist For Inspiration

Photography is one of those all-consuming things, so much so that I hesitate to even call it a hobby. My friends who are photographers live and breath photography, even if they don’t do it professionally. While most of their time is spent snapping and developing images, they also spend hours looking for inspiration, either by chatting with photographer friends or checking out photography blogs.


One such blog that I’m going to be recommending from now on is called Photographist. With a focus on all types of photography, Photographist offers up fascinating images from a variety of photographers.


Some examples from the Photographist homepage.

Some examples from the Photographist homepage



The landing page of the blog has tile-style images that viewers can click on for a view of the photographer’s complete collection. The ones highlighted on the home page at the moment focus on dreamy, surrealist scenes,some of which reference classical art and some of which confront the viewer with interesting, impossible situations.


Under the Categories tab, an extensive list of other types of images can be found. Ranging from abstract categories like “Conceptual” and “Humor” to more concrete ones like “Automotive” and “Animal,” Photographist has something for every photography enthusiast.



Photographist is also currently hosting a photo contest that will run through the end of this year. Photographers can upload images that they want to submit, including the name or title they want them to compete under. Once the image is uploaded to the site, other members can vote on which one they want to win.


The prize at the end of the contest period is cash, and the site promises that it could be up to $500. For people just interested in voting on the photos, all you need is to be a member of Photographist to help determine who will win.


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Ultimately, Photographist is a great resource for anyone searching for inspiration or community around photography. And, who knows? Maybe you could even win some money.


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