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Detect Insider Threats Before They Become A Serious Problem

Most small startups don’t have to worry too much about inside threats because, let’s face it, “insiders” are usually one to three dudes working in a rented, sparsely furnished apartment. However, even the biggest tech companies started out small once upon a time, so threats from within are something your company may have to consider at some point in the relatively near future.



While some companies have internal systems set up to monitor employees and make sure they’re not stealing from the company, this is another one of those areas that’s probably best left to the experts. How can you keep track of everything that everyone is doing? How can you know when sensitive data is slipping out the door or, more likely, slipping over the internet?



insider threats



You can’t. Which is where Personam comes in.

Personam is an insider threat detection company that uses advanced technology to conduct behavior analysis on all employees. The system analyzes the specific actions that people take and creates both organizational and behavioral models to identify potential threats to your organization.


Even the most carefully planned instance of fraud, theft, or company sabotage can be detected based on small changes in digital behavior. According to Personam, there’s no way to completely hide actions like that – and they can sniff it out when it starts.





What about employee privacy? And how can they know when someone is about to steal?

Personam assures clients on their website that they don’t invade people’s privacy because they monitor their patterns, not each individual action. They also acknowledge that even someone who is completely innocent of even thinking about stealing from a company can sometimes make moves that don’t fit into their usual patterns and that their technology knows how to tell the difference.


A different kind of analysis.

Personam points out that the traditional threat-detection services have proven to be ineffective in today’s advancing world of cybercrime. The company spent two years conducting extensive research and development in order to build their unique behavioral analysis system that eventually resulted in them creating all-new technologies that you won’t find anywhere else.


Today’s companies are complex, digital, and full of gaps in security. Rather than try to plug all the holes yourself, let the experts at Personam take care of it for you.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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