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PDF Burger – A Free Service That Satisfies All Your PDF Cravings

From checking bank statements online to constructing newsletters to converting files into a format that everyone can read regardless of preferred operating system, it’s hard to be online long without needing to use PDF documents. Yet, few of us have control of our PDF files or creative freedom because of the expense of software and software limitations.





PDF Burger has cooked up a service that’s easy to appreciate – a free PDF converter for personal or business use. This startup looks to make it a cinch to use and create PDF documents without any hassles or limitations.


Ready to Use

For starters, users do not need any additional software to take advantage of PDF Burger. This means no software purchases, installations, or downloads required. Travel to the website, and the service is immediately at your disposal. You don’t have to register or login either, so you can attend to business without any delays. What’s more, there are no limitations on the number of PDF conversions you can make, which makes it convenient to adopt PDF Burger as a go-to tool.


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What You Can Do

With PDF Burger, individuals and workers can fulfill the standard needs for electronic documents. Here is a list of tasks the service completes:


  • Create and convert PDF files online
  • Combine or merge files into a PDF
  • Turn web pages into PDF files
  • Turn PDF files into Word documents
  • Convert PDF files into JPEG images


Performing these tasks allows users to conduct essential business online simply, securely, and professionally. Better yet, using PDF Burger is easy. Select a document, click start, and convert your document into a PDF file. Enter the URL of a web page, click a button, and convert the web page into a PDF document. Anyone should master this process quickly.


Swift conversion of electronic documents into PDF files gives people the flexibility to transfer essential information without the trouble of learning how to use complicated software. New businesses working in the lean startup model should especially appreciate the ability to create and convert PDF files, create presentations, and more without accruing costs.


Order Up

PDF Burger is well aware that it’s hardly the only service of its kind, so it stakes its appeal on hassle-free conversions and expediency. And a price everyone can afford – FREE! Furthermore, PDF Burger avoids the complications that diminish other services – broken links, formatting trouble, missing headers and footers, lost data in Word or Excel tables. Since producing a poor quality file defeats the purpose of converting a file into a PDF document in the first place, PDF Burger ensures information is transferred as intended.


Want more? You can contact the folks at PDF Burger here for additional requests or information. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter for more PDF goodness.


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