Pay Your Respects On Facebook With The RIP App


Internet entrepreneurs never tire of inventing new ways for us to connect with one another. Yet, perhaps because of its more somber nature, few address one particular ritual that already brings us all together: saying goodbye to the departed. RIP App aims to give the bereaved a chance to pay their respects online.


Rest In Peace

All of us must part with loved ones. Over time, our different cultures have developed numerous customs such as the Mexican Day of the Dead to honor those no longer with us. While we’ve grown familiar with funeral ceremonies, leaving flowers, and other rites of collective mourning, how we should demonstrate our grief online remains largely undetermined.


Many of us never have a second thought when turning to Facebook in order to share our joyful and painful moments. Even sorrowful news no longer feels misplaced. However, “liking” mention of a lost relative hardly seems appropriate. Current means to share notice of someone’s dying or add comments can make an awkward event even more uncomfortable. RIP App hopes to fill the absence of a natural way to pay respects and offer condolences through Facebook.





Facebook account holders can easily list the recently departed using the RIP App. Either an invitation or a search of the deceased’s name will direct traffic to the digital memorial. Visitors may click on a button to say rest in peace. The app judiciously gives users the opportunity to confirm that they would like to publish a few words to their Facebook Wall. Say “Rest In Peace,” with the option of leaving a more personal tribute in a post.


Public Wake

RIP App also looks to be a communal place to say farewell to public figures. No one will ever forget the sea of flowers placed outside Kensington Palace in honor of Princess Diana. RIP App gives Facebook users an online equivalent to leave similar tribute.





With digital media and the advent of the likes of Twitter, celebrities and other notable figures play an increasingly more intimate role in our lives. The passing away of such individuals hurts much like the missing of friends or family members. RIP App provides a tool to address the loss. So far, people have shown their appreciation for the likes Sylvia Kristel, Princess Diana, Steve Jobs, and Michael Jackson.






RIP App creator Alex Crivion lives in Iasi, Romania. The 23-year old is a freelance web developer whose services are listed on his website, found here. After asking friends and strangers what they would like to see on the Internet, Crivion was in the barbershop, when inspiration to provide people with a way to say goodbye arrived.



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