PageCovery Takes The Work Out Of Updating Your Facebook Page Cover Photo


Facebook seems to be changing their format and policies every other week and keeping track of it all might be just too much for your startup founder self (or for that intern you’ve got scrambling all over the place). The thing is, Facebook is so obviously essential for marketing these days and you’ve got to stay on top of it.


Because I like to make your life easier, here’s a site that can help you keep on top of at least one part of your social media campaigns: your Facebook page cover photo. For a totally reasonable fee (and a tiered pay scale, depending on exactly what you need from them), PageCovery will hook you up with automatic, timed cover photo updates.





Do you want to make sure there’s a change every hour, every day, every week, or every month? No problem. PageCovery has you covered.


And why exactly should I do this?

Your first question is probably, “What’s so important about my Facebook page cover photo?” The correct answer is, what’s not important about your cover photo? Your cover photo is the first thing someone sees when they hop onto your Facebook page and it’s an excellent tool for grabbing customers right off the bat. PageCovery offers four awesome features for making sure your cover photo is doing all it can for you.


PageCovery Features Include:


  • Day Scheduler – Schedule cover photo changes across Monday – Sunday, at specific times.
  • Date Scheduler – Schedule cover photo changes with specific dates & times.
  • Milestone Scheduler – Schedule cover photo changes at specific fanbase milestones.
  • InstaCovery  – Snap a photo with Instagram and it changes your page cover photo instantly.


Rif Cornerstone, founder of PageCovery, points out that visitors spend more time looking at the cover photo than the timeline or any other part of a Facebook page. So all of those deals, offers, sales and other goodies you’ve been posting to try to pull people in? They might not even be seeing them.


We had a chance to catch up with Rif recently and he filled us in on what’s going on with PageCovery, where his best ideas come to him, and where he finds his inspiration.


What’s PageCovery about? What do you do? Who are your customers?

PageCovery is the world’s first Facebook page cover photo scheduling platform, making it easy for brands, agencies, and publishers to schedule cover photo changes at different intervals or milestones.


What’s the greatest thing about PageCovery? Why is it better than the competition?

With the capability to schedule Facebook cover photo changes, PageCovery is used by brands to showcase products, services or promotions on cover photos at specific intervals or milestones.





When do your best ideas come to you?

The best ideas came to me while I am in the toilet. Seriously.


Who or what inspires YOU? Role models? Quotes? Running? Video games? Snack food?

Aitthipat Kulapongvanich, founder of Tao Kae Noi – a young billionaire from Thailand who tried and failed many times before arriving at where he is today.


Jump on it!

Essentially, PageCovery creates a new marketing opportunity for the industry via Facebook page cover photos. PageCovery has already scheduled over 17 million cover photos on their roster and they’re growing rapidly every day. Why not check one task of your daily to-do list and join them?


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