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Avoid Fines, Theft, And Angry Customers With PactSafe Legal Agreements [Beta-Mined]

Know how to tongue tie a startup founder? When he tells you he loves being involved with all aspects of his business, ask “Even the website’s legal agreements?” No one wants to spend time worrying about legal protection. Visit any accelerator program and you’re probably not going to overhear someone say, My design team has put together a beautiful “Terms of Use” page. At the same time, everyone knows it’s foolish to neglect protecting a business properly.



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PactSafe is a web application for managing a website’s legal agreements and making sure that they are enforceable. From a simple dashboard, it’s easy to enter, track, and manage contracts as well as make real-time updates.


Protect Your Ass.Ets

The best way to avoid shelling out for lawyers as a business grows is to never need one in the first place. PactSafe makes it easy for web owners to incorporate the following contracts into their websites:


  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimers
  • Copyright Notice
  • SaaS services agreements
  • DMCA notices
  • FTC disclosures


Having transparent and enforceable legal agreements should be standard operating procedure. Binding agreements protect not only intellectual property but customer relations as well. Owners and customers alike are often guilty of not considering the consequences of bad contracts until it’s too late. Anyone skeptical about the harm that can be done by failing to read legal agreements should watch the HUMANCENTiPAD episode of South Park (not for weak stomachs!).




PactSafe was built by an attorney accustomed to working with Internet-based businesses with both simplicity and security in mind. Regardless if related to site registration or onsite transactions, PactSafe ensures that agreements are properly presented and thus enforceable later on. The application sees that future revisions are reviewed and signed, while storing copies and activity safely in the cloud.


Clickwrap or browsewrap agreements drop conveniently into existing forms. PactSafe is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. No matter what type of website you need covered – eCommerce, social media, SaaS, Blog, or other – PactSafe can help manage all of your legal content.


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Dependent on the amount of traffic and number of agreements clicked, monthly plans start at $0 and run up to $39. These rates make PactSafe a good option especially for early stage companies that can’t afford attorneys but need legal protection.


Though an overlooked and unglamorous space, every online business must pay attention to its legal agreements. Well done, PactSafe.


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