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Is Your Call Tracking A Broken Mess With Leads Going Nowhere? Outleads Has A Smart Fix

One phone number. Only one. Every business would appreciate the simplicity and convenience of tracking all their calls through a single phone number. Sound impractical? Impossible? Outleads, an online marketing software company, has figured out a way to allow businesses to eliminate forwarding numbers while enhancing analytics and simplifying lead management at the same time.



Grow Online Presence and Boost Sales

Dynamic Capture is patent-pending call tracking technology by Outleads that gives each incoming phone call a unique ID. This ID helps identify and distinguish each call. The ID is also automatically entered into a website’s analytic system, tracking and generating useful information such as geographic location, ad clicked, visit length, the web page where a call was initiated, and more.


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On both desktop and mobile devices, users are always calling the same number, regardless of whether they’re connecting through their browser or phone app. When users click “Call,” a request is first sent to Outleads, which generates a unique ID, attaches it to the call, and then connects the call to the business. That’s how they eliminate forwarding numbers and accomplish everything with just one phone number.


Businesses benefit from this system in several ways. The quick, click-to-dial function makes it easier for customers to call. The consistency of using one number reinforces branding. Instead of needing additional, complicated analytic tools, Outleads provides businesses with immediate information that integrates into existing analytic and lead management systems. By using unique call IDs, companies avoid the trap of using numbers recycled by other businesses and escape the hassle of trying to match random numbers to those dialed – making it easier to follow up on leads and make conversions.


founderDorinRosenshineOutleads founder Dorin Rosenshine adds, “By using a single phone number, Dynamic Capture eliminates the need to buy and maintain multiple phone numbers, greatly reducing the costs associated with traditional phone tracking methods.”


Another technology solution from Outleads, Segment Precision, associates offline activity to original website visits, and includes this data in analytic calculations. This automatically creates more leads and enables advertisers to deliver re-calibrated and better targeted marketing campaigns.




Outleads was born out of frustration with the disconnect between analytic data and marketing efforts. The absence of a smart tracking system – particularly in businesses with offline sales, such as in the real estate and home improvement industries – combined with clients’ resistance to call forwarding, spurred the team to develop their own solution.


Automatic leads and marketing generation, a simple dashboard, integration of form submission data, compatibility with Google AdWords and other analytic tools, all contribute to an easy-to-use lead management and conversion system. There are no setup or monthly fees. For complete pricing info, click here.


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