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This Website Puts You One Bite Away From Delicious Food

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People love food porn. Snap a picture of a tasty meal you’ve slaved over or a delicious restaurant dish you’re about to dig into and get ready for the onslaught of likes and jealous comments.


Entrepreneur Tiffany WorthIt Tucker is a food porn connoisseur herself and she found herself lusting after the tasty images her friends were posting. Where could she find these delicious treats? The task seemed almost as daunting as encountering, ahem, porn acts in real life.


tiffany worthit tucker


On top of the normal “I want it but can’t find it” angst that any food porn lover suffers from, Tiffany is a pescatarian. (For those of you not in the know, that means she eats fish but no poultry, pork, or red meat.) When she converted to the no meat side, she realized that, a) it was hard to find recipes and restaurants she liked and, b) she was suddenly confronted with a whole bunch of new protein sources that she didn’t recognize and had no idea how to cook.


So what’s a newbie pescatarian to do?

Tiffany combined her love of food porn with her desire to eat only the most delicious pescatarian-friendly foods and created One Bite Away, which takes the standard Instagram feed of delicious-looking foods one step further by pairing them with either a recipe or a restaurant where the dish can be found.


“I hope that One Bite Away will be the guide to good vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian eats and dispel the rumor that our food doesn’t taste good, one photo at a time,” Tiffany says in her explainer video on Kickstarter. Considering the fact that this is a woman who has clearly gone through the transformation from meat eater to veggie eater and worked out all the of the kinks in between, I’d say she’s definitely onto something.





Want to see food porn finally put to good use? Tiffany needs your help.

Tiffany learned the “you get what you pay for” lesson the hard way when she employed two different companies to build One Bite Away on a very small budget. While the site is currently up, it’s lacking in some pretty major ways and Tiffany knows those issues are hindering its success.


Ever one to learn from her lessons, Tiffany is turning to the Kickstarter community to raise the funds that will transform from a mediocre website into the hub it has the potential to be. She’s seeking $8,000 that will go to New Jersey-based design firm JAM Graphics so that they can make One Bite Away more intuitive, fully integrated with social media and Google maps, and mobile-friendly.


Here’s a sneak peak at the new site design and a few of the new features Tiffany is planning once she secures funding:


So If You’re Down With OPFP (Other People’s Food Porn)…

Head over to Kickstarter and throw down a few bucks to help make Tiffany’s awesome dream a reality. You can also connect with Tiffany and One Bite Away on Facebook and Twitter for their latest news and lots more drool-worthy food porn.


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