FlitWays Makes It Ridiculously Easy To Book A Taxi



Getting a cab tends to be an afterthought for most people, which is kind of weird because almost everybody has at least one taxi related horror story. Whether it’s a creepy driver that speeds through red lights, or some horrible company that blew you off when you were waiting outside your apartment at 5 am trying to get to the airport, it’s obvious that there is a lot of guesswork associated with getting a cab these days.


There’s an app for that

FlitWays (previously called OnCabs) was founded with a goal to eliminate this kind of guesswork, and to simplify the way people book a taxi. The end result is a streamlined, user-friendly app that helps riders and taxi drivers alike.


The Los Angeles-based company is set to launch service in their hometown soon, but has plans to expand to major cities like Boston, and Chicago within the near future. Smaller but equally as cool (please no-hate mail) cities like Buffalo, Austin, and Kansas City are also on the roster.


Getting picked up is as easy as logging on

Folks can access the service online or by using their app, which is available for both Android and iPhone users. The process is pretty simple, log-on and enter in the time and location of your pickup and where you want to go, and FlitWays gives you a compared price and piece of mind that you have one less thing to worry about.

They also offer incentives to book ahead of time by offering better rates, which is good for you and the driver who now has a heads-up that he or she has business scheduled.


In addition to competitive rates, FlitWays provides its users with:

  • Drivers with good driving and professional track records
  • The option to pick vehicles (cab, town car, airport shuttles)
  • The option to tell the driver about your luggage and number of passengers you have so you can get the right size cab
  • Flat rates to Airports – no hidden costs or surprises there
  • Flexibility to book on the go or ahead of time
  • Payment is handled securely online – no need to carry cash


You had me at competitive pricing

The way FlitWays gets their prices is pretty nifty too. The site compares the rates of active taxis around the user’s pick up location, and then gives the customer the lowest rate.

The founders set out to build a company that made it “ridiculously easy” for people to get a cab. Based on the model they are advertising – it looks like FlitWays not only made getting a cab easier, but also found a way to make the process more secure and flexible. Whether riders are booking a last minute cab ride from a night out or want to book ahead and not worry about how they are getting to the airport for a business trip, FlitWays is offering a pretty enticing service that could very well work its way into people’s everyday lives.



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