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On, Rob Sandie Is Full Steam Ahead

After being asked to resign his position as CEO of Viddler, a site that helps users distribute their video content independent of YouTube, which he founded while college, Rob Sandie decided the next step was to start a another company,



Based out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Viddler was his first startup and it became quite successful under his direction. However, Sandie came to the conclusion that Viddler was in too direct competition with YouTube and its capabilities.



Realizing that he was still passionate about working with online video he began, a site that allows companies to manage their video and marketing presence on YouTube with more efficiency.


HootSuite for Youtube

Feeling limited in Pennsylvania, Sandie moved to San Francisco to get things started with’s philosophy: “rethinking the entire video management paradigm.” According to Sandie, since YouTube is the second largest search engine “it’s not about SEO” anymore.” He believes that nowadays a brand should be putting their efforts into tagging YouTube videos, creating branded channels, and optimizing all efforts in YouTube.


This is’s primary objective according to Sandie and with three other team members he sees his startup as making significant impact on the management of YouTube content, a site that accounts for 70% of video minutes viewed online.



On living and working in San Francisco, Sandie says. “It’s felt like the last 6 years on the east coast I have been climbing a steep snow covered mountain with wind in my face. Being in San Francisco feels like skiing down that mountain with the wind at my back. That being said, San Francisco has its own challenges. Finding talent being the biggest.”


It’s the future of television as he sees it and is positioned ideally for this growth.


Getting Creative

Sandie’s history in technology and business began with his studies at Lehigh University in Computer Science and Business. In terms of technology, he didn’t find the programming languages he was studying at the time as creative enough, so when it came time to work in Macromedia Flash which was new at the time, he was all for it.


This “allowed me to see the video ecosystem form a nice vantage point. I still remember the scaling issues/inquiries we got from YouTube in 2006. Looking back, it was a big coincidence but I registered two months before was registered.


After a few months of building his own Flash based project and then going to work at Macromedia, he began to set his sites on more interesting projects.



Inspiration To The Aspiring Entrepreneurs

It’s been a challenging and worthy journey admits Sandie. Each step has been a process of evolution and in the end, an improvement. When asked if he has any advice for the would-be entrepreneur, Sandie mentions “Time” as the most valuable asset. He goes on to explain “Big picture… Hustle. Fail fast. Do what you love.”


Sandie also recommends reading  HackerNews daily as well as Dribbble where one can find design inspiration.


For an entrepreneur on his second startup, I believe these are valuable nuggets of advice.


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