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You “Felt” It Was The Right Thing To Do??? Try On-Demand Research By GutCheck

One of my favorite George Carlin lines goes: “See, I’m a visionary. I’m ahead of my time. Trouble is I’m only about an hour and a half ahead.” An hour and a half ahead – hilarious if you’re in the comedy business, disastrous if you’re in the business of any other kind. When it comes to serious business, far better to have a gut check than to bust a gut.



…which is why we now have GutCheck, an on-demand market research solution that provides insights quickly without breaking the bank. GutCheck lets businesses reach target audiences and collect feedback before pressing the GO button on a product release or running an expensive add campaign. Using existing social media networks or by recruiting from a growing online community of over 6 million people, this software and service delivers quality answers through real-time interviews much faster and cheaper than traditional research methods.



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IM functionality facilitates direct conversations between businesses and target customers. Answer a few questions using the GutCheck Recruitment Engine, and find the right people to solicit feedback from within minutes rather than days. Collect the insights you need within 24-72 hours, while seeing 3x-5x greater value for your research budget.


Go With The GutCheck, Not The Gut

Please say you’re not guiding the company on intuition alone? Intuition has it’s place, but it’s no match for solid numbers and robust testing. That said, not every company can afford Apple’s level of R & D. Thankfully, GutCheck is built with different-sized companies and flexibility in mind.


GutCheck works as either a full-service turnkey solution or a DIY platform, aiding business owners in obtaining information related to customer segment discovery, web concept testing, usage studies, brand expansion, message testing, advertising concept testing, product concept development, and more.



It’s hard to put a price on sparing yourself from your own worst ideas. Investors clearly like GutCheck’s on-demand research community approach; the company recently completed another $4 million round of funding, bringing total funding to $10 million so far. Counted among the expanding list of clients are notable brands such as Subway, The Home Depot, Hallmark, and Intel.


GutCheck is based in Denver, Colorado. Martin Payne and Matt Warta drive the company as COO and CEO respectively. Before stocking the shelves with the Christian deodorant “Thou Shalt Not Smell” or light bulbs that only shine on things worth looking at – a few of Carlin’s visionary, “good ideas” – see if they pass a gut check that’s no laughing matter.


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Author : Keith Liles

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