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Improve Workplace Collaboration And Networking With Offiria – Project Management Meets Social Network For Work



Maybe because companies have such different procedures, markets, not to mention individuals, there hasn’t previously been a startup that’s managed to conquer the space of workplace coordination. Entering this crowded, competitive area is Offiria – a project management software as service startup that bills itself as a private social network for work.




Offiria strives to help teams achieve goals and complete projects by facilitating enhanced communication. Transparent and flexible features contribute to a comprehensive solution for organizing a company.

Here’s how Offiria tries to make offices run more smoothly and simply:


Creating a Powerful Business Stream

Like a great river that channels water from various creeks, Offiria gathers information into one place. Team members can stay on top of real-time discussions or access archived conversations through an easy search.


Profile and Community Management

Who’s doing what? We work together! Team members maintain profiles that keep a narrative of work history – letting other know recent projects, recent activities, and even files shared. Think Facebook for the workplace, only you can’t get in trouble for communicating with others on company time. It’s just part of the job. There’s also a directory of employees for finding people you need to get in touch with, as well as analytics that provide a clearer picture of member activities within the business.





Project Management

Administrators can create groups and projects to better manage multiple projects and track progress. Public and private options give team leaders the flexibility to keep information required to sustain progress available to everyone necessary while more sensitive materials can be shared with a more selective audience.



Creating milestones (with the option of attaching tasks or even files) helps everyone keep track of deadlines and the status of different projects.


Event Management

A company-wide calendar that is integrated with Google map views puts everyone on a shared schedule. This makes planning meetings, remembering important dates, and organizing a cinch.





File and Media Sharing

Offiria establishes a communal place to share and retrieve files. The ability to attach files to different project components such as messages, events, tasks, or milestones enables convenient channels of communication. Users can preview documents before downloading to save additional time.



Notifications alert team members to real-time project developments. User control email and alert settings, so everyone can highlight progress in the most useful and meaningful manner.


Mobile Compatibility

Smart phones and tablet devices are quickly becoming the preferred workplace tools. Offiria’s mobile compatibility assures that workers can accomplish tasks anywhere, in a variety of settings, remaining entirely connected to the organization.





Companies may select either self-hosted or cloud packages to meet business needs. Currently, Offiria offers a free, 30 day trial period for any plan. The website has a running blog as well as a resource section, supporting users’ collaboration attempts and helping to maximize the benefits of Offiria’s tools.


CEO Nabil Feisal Bamadhaj co-leads Offiria efforts along with Azrul Rahim. Previously, Bamadhaj helped run Onvira, specializing in IT solutions for the Human Resources industry, and MyInteractiveLab, a web development company with a focus on ecommerce and classifieds. The Offiria team has also developed the highly-touted, social network application JomSocial.




Offiria is headquartered in Malaysia. The company has offices in Kuala Lumpur and Santa Clara, California. For more information, visit the company’s website here, or find Offiria on either Facebook or Twitter.


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