nspHire Makes Finding A Job As Easy As Playing Tinder

Job searching is unequivocally the worst. The hours spent writing and re-writing resumes. Trying to sound great in a stiff, awkward cover letter. Blindly sending out applications into the ether of the internet, only to never hear back again. It’s enough to make even the most stalwart job seeker wilt with despair.


Luckily, nspHire is out to make that horrible process better.

Utilizing the ever-popular Tinder-interface, people looking for freelance, full time, part time, internship, and personal assistant jobs can swipe left or right on potential employers in nspHire – for free. On the other side of the market, employers looking to hire can post and get unlimited matches for free as well.




The profiles on nspHire are imported directly from LinkedIn, making it easy to get started. Users can then decide how visible they want to be, making it easier or harder to be found, depending on the seriousness of their current job search. For example, folks who are unhappy with their current position but don’t want it made public that they’re searching can choose to hide their image or their current employer. nspHire thinks that how much people share – or don’t share – should be up to them.


The app also promises to deliver a “precision fit” based on the attributes the job seeker fills out.


Easy, precision job matching.

Unlike Tinder, which only connects two people if they both indicate interest, people looking for jobs on nspHire can choose whether they want to be notified only if there’s a match or if an employer they’ve previously swiped left on or haven’t seen yet swipes right on them. The app sends a push notification for either choice, letting the job seeker know that they be able to give up their search soon.


When matches are made, nspHire lets users chat directly in-app, simplifying the back and forth process and helping both sides determine if they’re a good match without wasting too much time. In this part of the process, job seekers still get to do everything for free but the potential employers pay ninety-nine cents per chat. There’s also an option to pay for unlimited chats, for those employers who know they like to talk a lot.




Searching for jobs doesn’t have to be so terrible. If nspHire has anything to say about it, your next job search will be as easy as swiping left or right. Why not give it a shot? You have nothing to lose and may have something as great as a new job to earn.


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