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Gain Attention Cheaply And Brilliantly

So you have an announcement to make. Big deal. Who doesn’t? Even the word announcement is too long to hold anyone’s attention online anymore, announcing itself as unsuitable for hashtags, incompatible with updates – a luxury press item only a few brands can afford. While email too, our digital workhorse, has been showing its limitations for some time now. So how do you persuade people to tune in to your news?



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Nouncy is smart option, a “new way to announce your news on the web.” This tool doesn’t do away with the old tools or call for revolutionary solutions so much as it uses existing channels of communication to their full advantage. Nouncy is platform for publishing and spreading engaging announcements, or nouncies, and tracking traffic.


Currently in private beta, Nouncy is a free tool that does a lot of work either a PR firm or social media expert would do at a price startups can appreciate. Freelancers might be more affordable, but hiring this kind of help would require finding someone to do the writing, someone to manage different social media accounts, maybe even someone to do some coding.




Nouncy eliminates all these hassles. Instead of going to the effort to craft separate campaigns, each nouncy is built ready to ship as an email teaser and as a message on social media. Like an interactive newsletter – with news, videos, links, etc. – it’s quick and easy to “amplify an announcement” by distributing a nouncy throughout several outlets efficiently. Click here for a video that further demonstrates how they work.


A press release is still a reliable business tool for spreading news, but must vie for attention in a digital landscape inhabited by videos, games, and interactive content. Email can’t be shared on social media and can’t be updated. Nouncy covers all the angles, giving creators great flexibility. Better yet, Nouncy is a practical tool not only for businesses that might want to… say, announce an app release, but also for individuals that intend to sell a home or give a local performance.


Based in Amsterdam, Nouncy is the latest product from the founding triumvirate of Martijn van Hoek, Tim Molendijk, and Stef Gallé. They also started in 2008, developing tools for companies and PR professionals. An early Mad Men themed nouncy of the crew scored 1,600 views on the first day alone, giving the team belief that they were on to a winning concept. Click here for more examples.


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Author : Keith Liles

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