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Noticed: Remembering The People Known As Your Contacts [Beta-Mined]

Scenario. Meet Jen and Jennifer who work at the same company during a social function. Three days later, invite Jen – who you’re romantically interested in – to lunch. Jennifer shows up at the restaurant, of course, because you’ve jumbled contact information. Understandable, but also preventable. Now smile and invent conversation before you betray your mistake.



That’s why (fans of the TV show Arrested Development will appreciate this) you always leave a note. Attach even one detail to your contact information and you stand a much better chance of keeping individuals straight in your mind.






Ask yourself this: how many people in your array of social networks can you identify clearly?


Noticed is new application that serves as a personal log for keeping track of important issues concerning your contacts. It’s a place where you can store personal details to foster longer-lasting and more personal connections, and it’s a tool for bundling contact information.






It’s easy to let important dates and events slip our attention because of the dizzying amount of data we all process. Most of the time, we’re not forgetful or uncaring. We simply have cluttered and overstimulated brains. Noticed combines calendars and contact lists, to keep special dates visible.


Noticed also integrates with Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social feeds so that 1) you can find all that information in one convenient place, and 2) you can easily access your latest communication exchanges. By combining all of that information with your logbook notes – partner names, job held, personal likes, and other sundry items – you can restore the human connect in your connections.






You can also set alerts reminding yourself to be thoughtful. Not such a novel feature on its own, but made extra useful by Noticed thanks to added the notes and recent exchange record. For example, say you learned of an illness in a friend’s family. With this system you’re more likely to check back and see how someone is doing – in addition to remembering birthdays, anniversaries and such.


As put on Noticed’s Facebook page: “We all love it when people remember the things that are important to us. It doesn’t matter if it is an exciting date, a promotion you are striving for or simply the name of your partner. And when people do notice and remember these personal memories, it makes us feel special, both in your business life and with family and friends. Building these kinds of close connections is the reason behind creating Noticed.”






Based in Netherlands, Noticed is the creation of Mémé Veels. The app will be making its way into the App Store soon thanks to successful fundraising on SellanApp – a platform for publishing iOS apps that offers crowdfunding solutions for design, development and more. Subscribe to the newsletter here to learn when it’s ready.


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Author : Keith Liles

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