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Why Is Paperwork Still Such A Mess?

Anyone care to guess the percentage of product warranties that we actually file? Keeping the household paperwork in order will trip up even the most organized among us.



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Bills arrive as a hodgepodge of online and paper statements. We miss deadlines. We can’t find essential information when we need it. Most of us probably can’t even name all of our service providers correctly. Chaos.


No More Filing offers a simple solution to these headaches – a mobile app and website that lets us manage all of our utilities, services, documents, contracts, warranties and subscriptions in one place.


How it Works

Adding paperwork onto No More Filing is really easy. You just have to upload a document, send an email, or snap a picture. The app then recognizes important information. A unique ID also allows companies to send documents to you electronically, automatically. Once you’ve got a service provider loaded, you can see your last bills and receive notifications regarding when the next ones are due.





Better yet, No More Filing will even suggest cheaper alternatives based on your usage – something that most of us are too lazy to bother calculating and researching on our own.


No More Folder Nonsense

The convenience of online accounts has fed our appetite for paperless records but done little to help us organize the assortment of memberships and services we juggle. No More Filing stores documentation electronically in a tidy list. This means no more fishing around for details. Scroll and click, and boom – find everything you need to find without the hassles. There are even graphs that will give you a clearer picture of your personal finances (because info is always easier to swallow when it’s served as a pie chart!).



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The flexibility of No More Filing is a winning feature. Instead of separate folders for mortgage or rent documents, appliance records, utility bills, tax documents, even things like a driver’s license renewal notice, etc., all of this digital paperwork stores together in a secure and more manageable location.


End the Expiration Blues

Did you know that when traveling in and out of the US your passport must be valid for six months regardless if your trip is scheduled to end before the expiration date? We overlook sneaky details like this one, because we all have too much information to manage.


Missing deadlines hurts the brain and pocketbook. We pay late fees. We end up wasting time rummaging for account information that we often can’t find and then suffer through trying to negotiate with insensitive service providers. Our lives our already complicated enough. Life is far more pleasant when we stay proactive with our paperwork.



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No More Filing eliminates clutter and keeps important information visible when we need it most – alerts and reminders, consolidated information, keep us from slipping on payments.


Want better control of your household documents and bills? Check out No More Filing at And if you think the app is so brilliant that you wish you’d been part of making it real, you’re in luck. You can still nab a small piece of equity in the company by helping them crowdfund their way to launch.


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