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Get A Grip Already. Hold Your Tablets Securely – nHand

Uncle Ben cautioned a young Peter Parker (Spider-Man), “With great power comes great responsibility.” He could easily have directed the same wisdom toward a generation of tablet wielders – who unfortunately don’t have the benefit of super hero stickiness to keep such incredible tools from falling out of their hands.



Tablets Down

Lighter than laptops, more mobile than desktop, tablets have become a familiar fixture in the workplace. Teachers, doctors, coaching staffs, you name it, use tablets to do their jobs better in dynamic work zones. Hands stay busy, tablets fall and break.


The same holds true for parents who love tablets for the books and videos that can occupy their children while on the go. Wonderful resource. But kids drop stuff all the time, and replacing an expensive tablet is far more aggravating than mopping up a milk spill.



nhand feature



nHand offers a convenient solution for keeping a grip on tablets – a removable handle that attaches securely to the back of tablets and that’s comfortable to hold.


A 3M dual lock re-closeable fastening system unites the handle to a strip placed on the back of tablets with a click. Wave the tablet around while using the nHand tablet holder and it will stay in your grasp like it’s glued to your arm.


Universal Hold

Memory foam cushions included with each nHand allow the carrier to hold tablets for longer more comfortably. These cushions also make it possible for individuals of any hand size to use nHand.


Likewise, the product works with any type of tablet on the market – iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Microsoft Surface – as well as Kindle & Nook E-Readers. nHand is made from high-grade billet aluminum, so it’s even strong enough to support your laptop (though you may want to hit the gym before hoisting your MacBook Pro with one arm for too long).



The simplicity of the design makes the nHand a very practical device. When it comes time to put your tablet down, the handle also serves as a 3-way stand, which allows you to prop up your tablet at different angles – neatly eliminating the need for an additional holder.


Has fear of dropping your tablet kept you from using your device to its fullest potential? Sick of bulky cases and makeshift stands? Determined to prevent those butterfingers mishaps? Check out nHand’s crowdfunding campaign and help them accelerate production of their device.






nHand is currently a finalist in the Crowd2Shelf Contest. This collaboration by Fundable and Staples gives innovative companies the opportunity to land their products on the shelves and the website of Staples. Give nHand your support if you’re eager to have them support your tablet firmly in hand.


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