All Questions Online Are Really the Same, And Now There’s A Place to Find That Answer

What is your Need for Now?




Asking for help online still feels a lot like shouting into the void – a practice that can be a great release (check out the film Garden State if you haven’t seen it already) but not very effective when it comes to receiving answers.


Remember when we knew how to help one another?

Social networks are great for all the shared hilarious videos and for the glimpses into the everyday lives of distant relations that we would otherwise miss out on. When we really need something, however, our calls for assistance tend to disappear among cats dancing, advertisements, and selfies.


Nefow looks to harness the power of social networking to better help each other with more pressing needs. The app aims to tap into the collective skills and knowledge of people throughout our networks to take care of our Need For Now.



nefow landing



The website lets you “address your needs to a vast network of your known contacts and generate leads and replies through references in private.”


Why we need it

Our needs change constantly – and are many. While we have tools like Google and Wikipedia for information, slews of review sites to sort through recommendations, and platforms for finding just about anything, the advice of our closest people has and always will carry more weight. We trust the people we know. We’ve shared experiences that help us understand each other and to offer personal attention that can’t be replicated. It only makes sense to turn to this resource first when we have questions.


And… it feels good to help others. Nefow is a neighborly throwback that allows us to give a hand to those in need quickly and to receive help when we need it. Where can I find a replacement for the baby’s pacifier (yes, it needs to be the exact one)? Anyone know where to find Halloween costumes that aren’t lame or that cost a fortune? Nefow wants to be the tool we use to answer all of our questions quickly.


The right direction

The point of social networks is that they’re social – they facilitate easy exchange of content and information. While concern for privacy online is understandable, recent trends toward secrecy or exclusive networks sort of kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Openness and fluid access to each other are the strengths of social networks.





Nefow intends to put these strengths to better use rather than put them on the shelf. We’ll learn more about how it works and looks in the near future, no doubt, but the focus on helping one another is a step in the right direction.


Interested in a more altruistic social network? More concerned with how you can help your friends than in the latest viral news? Visit to learn more about the network and to receive notice when it launches.


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