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The Sweetest Monsters In Health – mySugr Diabetes Management App

With the rollout of Obamacare and the government website’s shortcomings grabbing so many headlines recently, there’s a danger of losing sight of the truth that technology provides ill people with wonderful tools. mySugr diabetes management application is a perfect example. Forget all the talk about money in health care (or in mobile apps for that matter), and have a look at technology at its best – improving lives by making it easier for people to manage a disease.



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Monitoring blood glucose is a constant chore for diabetics and their family members. Analyzing food, monitoring activity, and administering insulin to keep the body in balance as much as possible can be an exhausting and demoralizing undertaking. mySugr relieves some of the burden by helping to manage data while adding to the process dashes of motivation, cheer, and, yes, even fun.


A Less Frightening Companion

The mySugr Companion serves as a logbook of important metrics for diabetics – blood glucose, carbohydrates eaten and insulin injected. With the app, it’s fast and easy to enter the information. mySugr also allows users to take pictures of food as well as record physical activity and mood. All of these measurements help adjust treatment over time – important, since the body’s needs are never static – and make it easier to remember everything from a reaction to a particular food to experiences at particular restaurant.


Patients earn points through the application by entering information These points count toward taming a monster, the one that is both in the app and that is the daily management of the disease. The monster gives instant feedback on information, so that it’s easier for each individual to set and reach personal goals. Plus, the monster game turns repetitive tasks, which tend to draw attention to negative details, into an activity that offers fun and immediate rewards.



For children with diabetes, these features (part of the mySugr Junior app) help sustain motivation and positive energy. By doing so, mySugr aids younger diabetics in learning how to achieve independent responsibility for their own health. And it gives them some joy when they would otherwise be reminded that they don’t have quite the same carefree existence of their friends without diabetes.


Fredrik Debong and Frank Westermann (two of four co-founders) and other mySugr team members are diabetics themselves. Solving the headaches that treatment presents is not only a matter of business but personal health. They have monsters too!


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After beginning in Austria, the startup launched its apps in the U.S. last July, while adding the legendary Tim Ferriss on as an advisor. 82, 815 already use the app. Hundreds of millions of people around the globe now deal with this disease everyday. May mySugr give them back some of the sweetness missing in their diet.


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