For Family’s Sake: [Beta-Mined]

Entrepreneurs address our pain points and try to create solutions that relive our pain. Some pains hurt more than others. We can all be thankful for the those willing to dwell on questions that we prefer to ignore, providing comfort and ease at moments when we are most in need.


No one likes to think about suddenly departing from this world. We’re each understandably focused on the big picture of life with us inside the frame. Yet, we know that death comes to us all, leaving others to manage our absence.




The last thing anyone needs at such a difficult time is to worry about locating the deceased’s important financial information, though necessary for the family to carry on. Days of having a safety deposit box that hold documents such as birth certificates and deeds to homes are nearly gone. It’s not so far fetched to imagine a near future in which  all of our most vital records are entirely digital. This new reality makes answering old questions even more confusing – where will others go to find our financial information, and who will be allowed access?


MyInformationVault is a new service that provides straight answers to these questions and relieves the grieving of the burdens of hunting for financial information or haggling for access to accounts.




The process is simple. Users register for the service, identify recipients of information, and then both add and manage account information. After the user’s death, listed relatives file a claim with MyInformationVault. Once identity and the death certificate have been verified, information becomes available online.


Passing financial information on to loved ones is a great act of kindness and foresight. Though unpleasant to think about, consider all of the information family members will need when we’re gone:


  • bank accounts
  • insurance policies
  • property titles
  • credit card accounts
  • loans
  • investments and bonds
  • marriage certificates
  • birth certificates
  • last will


Some startups need to work hard to explain their function. The value of MyInformationVault is evident immediately. Having been part of a family mourning the loss of a 91-year-old grandmother last week, I recognized that it was both a small and tremendous comfort that she had left clear arrangements for handling all matters after her passing. The family was better able to honor her wishes, honor her life, and attend to heart matters first because no one had to fret searching for information.


She was a meticulous and tidy woman who always put others before herself. Even in death. I can’t think of a better way to leave things behind or to be remembered. Had she embraced the Internet, she would have approved of MyInformationVault.



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