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Consolidate Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare & Instagram With

Android and iPhone users alike all struggle with one problem, how to juggle all 50+ apps on one phone. You want to “check in,” but first have to tweet, but you want to post a status on Facebook too. Thanks to Damien Patton, the creator of Banjo, you can consolidate Twitter, Facebook, foursquare, picture taking and see where your friends are located all on one app.




My Friend Was Two Gates Away From Me

So how did a NASCAR mechanic come up with the inspiration for Banjo? Patton explains that he was waiting at the gate for his flight and just two gates down sat an old friend of his. Both, Patton and his friend, were using two separate social networks to post a status, causing them to miss one another. Patton soon revealed his new app would alleviate the problem of using two different social networks.



What It Takes To Jump Start An App

Patton gives praise to the people who work around him. Using his NASCAR pit crew skills he is quick on the draw with updating Banjo. Eighteen hours after Instagram hit the Android market, Patton and his team added Instagram to Banjo.



Stalking Can Be Fun

Banjo displays on a map the activities of people that are in and outside the network of the user. Apparently seeing what complete strangers are doing can be fun. This is one appeal that helped Banjo gain users.


I think his years of collecting DNA samples at crime scenes further influenced his idea about how Banjo should work. It seems that when using Banjo you are leaving a “mobile DNA trail” that lets people know where you are. Due to your mobile DNA, people are able to see where you are, because you are leaving a trail of data.


What also comes to mind is Banjo seems like a mobile chat room. You are able to connect with complete strangers and build friendships just from reading another person’s status. Causing people to feel more connected to the world around them.


Banjo being a multi-platform app simplifies mobile phone usage for both Android and iOS alike.


Success In No Time

Banjo, in nine months, has reached out to one million users. Only Instagram has done better than Banjo, reaching out to more people in 2.5 months.


It seems the Banjo app is bringing friends and strangers closer together every day. I wonder if Banjo will ever add Skype?


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Author : David Hopkins

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