Stop Switching From Phone To Screen With This Seamless Integration App

I want you to take a minute and count how many computers you have sitting near you right now. If you’re like most Americans, you can probably count around three: your laptop/desktop, your phone, and a tablet of some sort. Now, think about how many times per day you switch from one device to another because they each serve very specific purposes in your life.


It’s a lot, isn’t it?

While switching back and forth is fine some of the time, sometimes it can get really, really annoying. Your phone buzzes and pulls you away from the task you’ve been trying to focus on at work. Your email pings on your phone, your tablet, your computer, and suddenly your office is flooded with a million annoying little “ding! ding!” dings!




Most people don’t have all of their computers integrated, mainly because it’s kind of a technical task that the majority of folks just don’t have the knowledge to complete. For those of you who are interested in integration and are rocking Androids, check out Mobizen.


From mobile phone to desktop and back again.

Mobizen allows you to control everything on your phone from a laptop or desktop monitor. It also has mirroring for Android, which means that if you’re connected via the app, than anything you do on your phone is replicated on the big screen.


The first thing that comes to mind with this system – other than convenience, of course – is the office worker who’s trying to look like she’s working but really is just messing around on the internet. (I feel you, girl.) While responding to text messages and Facebook comments and playing games on your phone is HELLA OBVIOUS, connecting your phone to your PC makes it look like you’re hella productive, even when you’re just gossiping with friends about the newest restaurant in town.




And, of course, it’s also awesome for people who actually are being productive and want to minimize interruptions in order to be even more productive. While it may seem like a little thing to switch from your computer screen to your phone, those seconds really do add up. When you include the fact that you’re interrupting your work flow, you could be taking some serious time out of the productive hours of your day.


And it’s super easy to set up.

If you want to get started with Mobizen, all you have to do is register, download the app on your phone, download the plugin on your computer and then connect via wifi or USB! No more getting busted texting during work ever again.


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