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Whether your business is online or purely brick and mortar (and, let’s get real for a second, who’s truly just brick and mortar these days?), a mobile app or a great mobile website can improve your customer experience and subsequently boost your sales.


In fact, making sure your business has a great presence online – whether it’s on mobile, tablet, or a traditional computer screen – is something that any savvy CEO knows is essential in 2014.


Unless you’re a graphic designer and a programmer and an SEO expert triple threat, chances are good that anything you come up with yourself isn’t going to cut it in the harsh environment of clients who are all accustomed to well made online experiences. So what’s a non-expert to do?


Hire the professionals, obviously.

If you’ve found yourself in this exact predicament, check out Mobile Universal, an all-inclusive digital agency that focuses specifically on “the crossroads of mobile and web technologies.”


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What They Offer

Mobile Universal offers services in search engine optimization, social media, video commercials, web design, online reputation, logo design, content marketing, text messaging, mobile websites, graphic design, and business cards.


Their focus is on providing iPhone, Android, and HTML5 apps for brick and mortar businesses like restaurants, schools, and stores. They also offer people with little to know technical know-how a place to start their own mobile app businesses.


But they’re not just about app development. Mobile Universal recognizes that customer retention is essential if an app is truly going to be successful. With that in mind, they want to provide every client with a full mobile app experience, from development to marketing to making sure the app retains value throughout its lifespan.




Made in NY

Founder Ankesh Arora has proudly pasted the “Made in NY” label on Mobile Universal. In an interview with Alley Watch, Arora posits that the “Made in NY” label is to startups what “I Love NY” is to tourism – a great marketing tool and an excellent way to raise awareness about a the burgeoning New York tech scene.


On a deeper level, Arora thinks that closely linking his business with pride in the New York tech scene is a signal that he’s passionate about being a part of the “tech revolution” that is currently going down in NYC. He points out that there are a ton of industries ripe for disruption in the East Coast tech capital.


And Mobile Universal is positioned right there to help.


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