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How To Find Those Missed Connections

I’ve been obsessed with missed connections since I was a pre-teen punk rocker in upstate Vermont. Our local alternative paper has a section called I Spy that took care of the scene in my city and I was always, always hoping that my brightly dyed hair and vintage dresses paired with combat boots would earn me the admiring attention of some local hottie.



Now, as a “grown-up,” I love combing through the Missed Connections on craigslist because there’s just something about them that feeds our natural sense of romance. You catch someone’s eye, feel a little flutter in your stomach, and imagine all of the possibilities.


Definitely totally 100% romantic.


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And then… Nothing. They’re consigned to your silent fantasizing while riding the subway or driving to work. You return to the scene in hopes of glimpsing them one more time and working up the guts to ask for their info, but how often does that ever happen?


Pretty much never.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 12.22.24 PMNow there’s a site that takes the missed connections model a step further. Called thengamate, this site hopes to turn those missed connections into real life meetings by utilizing really basic info that you, the user, puts into the site.


How does it work?

All you have to do is sign up, upload a profile pic so you can be recognized, and then submit a time and location that you ran into someone who caught your fancy. That’s all the input they need from your end.


Then, if someone else logs in the same time and location as you, you’ll immediately get an email notifying you that someone else was in the same place. Sign on and see; maybe it’s your long lost potential love!


(Or maybe it’s some other hot ticket who lives in your area. Either way, you totally win.)


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Not a dating site.

Thengamate has none of the features of a traditional dating site. There’s no profile, no questionnaires, no matching algorithms. Rather than starting online (as most dating sites do) thengamate works from an initial IRL interaction, so you know there’s some chemical spark there already.


The other thumbs-up factor, from my perspective, is that it’s really just zero risk fun. What do you have to lose by entering in some very simple info about someone you spotted at your local coffee shop or bar?


The answer: absolutely nothing. PLUS you may even meet someone interesting. Sounds like it’s worth a couple minutes of time to me.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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