Your Mac Has A Cover – So Why Doesn’t The Charger?

Sometimes I think that Apple took planned obsolescence to the extreme when they designed the chargers for their laptops. For a company so concerned with design, it’s the only reason I can think of for why the chargers – arguably the part of the computer that should be sturdiest, considering the fact that it stays primarily on the ground – are such fragile little butterflies.


As someone who is personally not too aware of the physical world (today I went to sit down in my rolling office chair and spilled my coffee everywhere when it scooted away from me), I must admit that I don’t treat my laptop chargers with much care. I drop them, I wrap them wrong, and store them poorly and, as a result, I’ve shelled out more money than I care to admit on replacements.


You win, Apple.

Unless, that is, the MeezyCube goes into production. Created by Bulwark Productions, LLC, the MeezyCube is an adaptable protective shell for MacBook chargers.



First and foremost, the MeezyCube is a hard plastic shell that protects against dirt, scratches, and water damage. Unlike the charger, the MeezyCube has squared off corners, which means it can stand up on its own. This protects the charger from overheating, a common problem with laptop power bricks.


The shell also comes in six different pieces, which can be purchased all in one color or in individual colors, depending on each person’s preference. Not only does this insure that you’ll never confuse your charger with your boyfriend’s, it’s also a great opportunity for showing support for school sports teams or your business.



The MeezyCube also addresses the frayed cord problem. You know what I’m talking about: the fact that Mac chargers are designed in a way that basically forces you to destroy the cord. Because the provided wings for wrapping the cord bend it at the base, fraying is super common. This can lead to dangerous exposed electric wires and, eventually, to the costly chargers not working anymore.



The MeezyCube, however, has a soft plastic trumpet-shaped piece that goes on the base of the cord. Combine that with its raised edges that allow you two wrap the cord all the way around the cube and you not only have non-fraying cord, you also have a flatter power brick that’s easier to cart around.


Interested in one of your own?

Bulwark Productions, LLC, is nearing the end of a Kickstarter campaign to fund full production and distribution of the MeezyCube. If you’re as clumsy as me – or just sick of giving Apple your hard earned money because of their design mistakes – head on over and get in line for your own MeezyCube at the early bird price of $15.


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