Meet BizzyWall: The Personalized, Hands-On Digital Sensory Wall for Kids

Sensory walls, or wall space outfitted with fun and unique tactile components for children to touch and interact with, are great for encouraging kids to learn and explore with their senses. Not only are they entertaining, but the hands-on play from a sensory wall also encourages the development of a child’s cognitive, language and motor skills.

Although sensory walls have provided years of active fun and learning to kids, there have been few recent improvements in their design and functionality. Most notable of which is that a majority of modern sensory walls are static, generic and low-quality. These traditional sensory walls are often unable to keep children engaged long-term while growing with them to provide continuous development.

That’s why dads (and cousins-in-law) Matt and Cam set out with their engineering and handiwork expertise to bring to life their new-and-improved iteration of the sensory wall: one that is flexible and fun enough to grow with a child’s ever-evolving interests and involved enough to avoid becoming a passive form of entertainment. The result? BizzyWall.

BizzyWall is a unique, modern and highly-customizable take on the traditional sensory wall. Equipped with a personalized design, interchangeable gadgets and even an LCD screen and keyboard, BizzyWall provides thousands of combinations of curated sensory play for endless high-quality, hands-on engagement for kids.

Unlike traditional pre-made sensory walls, parents choose the layout and design of their BizzyWall from start to finish using an online customizer, allowing them to build a sensory experience that appeals specifically to their child’s interests. Customizable options include background imagery and themes, six interchangeable BizzyTile components, text and more. Parents can even equip BizzyWall with a computer screen and keyboard to provide regularly-updated digital educational content, photo displays, math, spelling, music and more for continuous engagement and developmental progress.

Each BizzyWall is designed to help children more effectively reach their developmental milestones while keeping them actively engaged in thoughtful content. In fact, since launching their first prototype, the team behind BizzyWall has watched children develop certain skills much earlier than they normally would through regular use of their BizzyTiles and digital learning modules.

BizzyWall uniquely grows and adapts with children as they progress developmentally. Parents can shop from a whole collection of BizzyTiles to swap into their child’s BizzyWall as they grow to facilitate ongoing and more advanced forms of development. As kids get older, they can continue to benefit from fine motor skill-oriented BizzyTile components and digital modules designed to teach colors and shapes, number and letter literacy, problem solving and much more.

With the design and development of three working prototypes complete, the BizzyWall team is now engaged in a Kickstarter campaign that has raised $6,608 of their $65,000 goal so far. After their fundraise, the BizzyWall team plans to begin manufacturing and assembly in the US to share a toy that helps kids everywhere reach their developmental milestones and have plenty of fun while doing it.

Interested? Be sure to visit BizzyWall at to learn more.